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McChord training flight

U.S. personnel evacuated from Japan arrive at Sea-Tac

M-777 Howitzer Training Exercise at JBLM, March 3, 2011.

Arrowhead Brigade Memorial

Yelm Soldier’s Memorial

Our nation honors its veterans

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day

17th Fires Brigade Homecoming

Americans head home

Soldiers’ Memorial

5th Stryker Brigade Welcome Home (7/22/10)

Soldiers Coming Home

5th Brigade starts returning

On patrol in Kandahar province

A soldier’s photos


I met Private 1st Class Greg Miller when I was in Iraq a few months ago as an embedded journalist. He took a photo of me in his Stryker vehicle, and we started talking about photography. He told me that he takes his camera with him on missions and wherever he goes. I asked him to keep in touch.
While he was back on leave a few weeks ago, we had a chance to catch up a bit and talk about his photography. I used that conversation and his photographs for this video.
Greg keeps a website with his photos at:
As the son of a career soldier, the Army has a special place in my heart. Greg’s photos show a piece of a soldier’s world that most of us will never see. He will be deployed in Iraq until September and will continue to post images from his tour. Enjoy.

Wrapped up and ready for shipping

Lt. Colonel Heather Warden and Command Sgt. Major Michael E. Sims, Sr. furl the colors of the 864th Engineer Battalion in a ceremony at Joint Base Lewis-McChord Thursday, March 11, 2010. The battalion is about to deploy to Afghanistan.

Learning to fight hand-to-hand

Embedded with Fort Lewis soldiers in Iraq

Joint search mission

On patrol in Iraq-Video

Scott and I went on patrol with 2nd Platoon, Bravo Company, 4th Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment in the town of Nasir wa Salam yesterday. The mission was like many these folks do these days. They were to find out as much information as they could about an IED attack that took place a few weeks ago. The squad I was with was part of the security element.

On patrol in Iraq

Veterans Day 2009