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A new chairlift at Summit East

Crews of chairlift mechanics from The Summit at Snoqualmie are kept busy bolting down chairlift towers as a heavy-lift helicopter carries whole tower assemblies and other parts up the hill at the Summit East ski area. The main lift on the front side of the mountain, a triple chair called “East Peak”, and the lift on the back side, “Hidden Valley” are being replaced for the 2010-11 ski season.
October 5, 2010

The Fathers and Sons Hike

Mount Rainier Camp Program

Mount Rainier wildflowers

Mt. Rainier Women’s Climb July 2010

STP rides through Pierce County

Pacific Raceways Road Race Series

Don’t be so literal, Haley

Recently this shot of a kid on a mountain bike flying off a jump at Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park ran in the paper. When I shot it I was thinking like a straight journalist: show the place and the action. Quite straightforward.

But a few comments from others made me look again. Cropping out the jump, leaving a biker flying high among the trees with no visible launching pad– no apparent connection to the ground– gives an even stronger effect.

I wish I hadn’t been so literal. It isn’t always better to show every relevant thing.

Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park

Mount St. Helens 30th Anniversary

Fourth-annual Tacoma City Marathon

Mad rush on a Powder Day

Hoards of powder hounds suddenly converge at Crystal Mountain’s Northway chairlift and wait in “line” soon after the north backcountry is opened with a foot of fresh snow, Saturday, April 3.

Nisqually Tides

Cleaning up the sea bottom

Ski season begins

Fall Bird Watching at Nisqually Wildlife Refuge

Shaggy Mane – a brief and glorious life

091007 shaggy mane mushroomsAlong a dirt road on the Key Peninsula we were fascinated by this muscular stand of shaggy mane mushrooms.

091018 rotted mushrooms

Overnight they must have had quite a party– they seemed terribly hung over the next day.

Stuck in a rut

Spent a day last week up at Northwest Trek listening to the bull elk bugle and wrestle. It’s breeding season for them and the males are vying for the chance to lead the herd.