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Freedom Fair (7/4/12)

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  1. roundshoes

    As usual our 4th of July was second to none and I’m wondering if that’s why year after year you I fail to see anything on Channels 4,5,and 7 with the exception to 4 as once in a great while they did mention something briefly a few times. I called 5 and 7 on the 4th and asked them if they had a reporter their to cover the F-22 Raptor being at the Freedom Fair and they said yes, but when it came to the 11 o’clock news that evening the only thing I saw was seattles fireworks, around the state other states and the world.What is it that makes us an non worthy news event,I’m feeling as though it’s because they are seattle and us Tacoma,you would think they would at least say something about the airshow in honor of the airforce and the troops.I kept flipping to all three channels today at news time and still nothing. Were the reporters really here or only to cover something tragic like the F-22 crashing because it was not long ago that the F-22 had bad reports of reliability. I think it would be cool if a reporter from the News Tribune looked into why Tacoma never makes the news on the 4th

    Jul 05, 2012 @ 8:37 pm