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Raw video: Demonstrators gathered outside the federal courthouse

About 250 demonstrators gathered outside the federal courthouse in Tacoma for Monday’s sentencing of five anti-war activists who cut through fences at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor to protest submarine nuclear weapons. Read the entire story here.

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  1. bobo

    This bunch of old hippies have to go to Guantanamo jail for terrorism. They broke into the military secured base with nuclear bombs and destroyed government property. Lucky for us it was not the nuclear bombs. We need nuclear bombs to fight against terrorism in Afghanistan,Pakistan,Iran,Iraq, N.Korea and Livia not counting Russia,Africa and China. Shame on you, old fools.

    Mar 28, 2011 @ 8:59 pm

  2. atom_crusher

    That is about the least thought out comment I have ever read here. There is nothing factual to back up the crazy idea that having WMD’s protects our nation. Nothing. Look at the Soviet Union, did nuclear bombs protect them? No, and we live in a much less secure world thanks to their internal decay. There is no telling how many atomic bombs have slipped out through the USSR’s cracks. Are you nuts enough to actually believe that someone like Osama Bin Laden wouldn’t use a nuke on us because he is afraid of our tactical response? I think after ten years of battling it out over there he has shown that he could care less what our response would be.

    While I don’t agree with how the protestors went about it, Their feelings about the system and their right as American citizens to protest is exactly that- their God given right. I dearly love our Constitution – which by your comments I think we can safely assume you do not – it is apparent you want to impede another citizens constitutionally protected actions and speech.

    In any case the protestors or their rights are not the issue here- the real issue here is how in the heck an 80 year old was able to breach security and wander around a military installation for HOURS! How safe are we if someone my grandpa’s age can get through, hide out and possible even steal a nuke! If they can do it, what could a well trained armed incursion team get away with? We don’t even let grandpa hold on to the TV remote and these guys evaded well armed and trained security! I for one thank these protesters for exposing a hole in our national security and hopefully heads rolled in the military chain over this.

    Mar 28, 2011 @ 11:42 pm