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Scenes from a revolution – Egypt

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  1. Stephen Olof Wikblom

    It will be sad to see any false flag operations if they happen. This is the first time in decades that Egyptians have tasted and striven for freedom. The Zionist supporter known as Mubarak must go now.

    Egyptians must be wary and vigilant of Foreigners and others who would destabilise the push of the Egyptian people for democracy and freedom from oppression.

    It is heartening to read of Christians and Muslims standing side by side against this American/Zionist inspired dictatorship and tyranny.

    America and Israel have only sought to keep this present dictatorship for all these decades. Such doublespeak by the Americans now, when for three decades it has only helped to keep Egyptians from having democracy.
    It is my considered opinion that this Revolution will be but one of many to happen around the globe in 2011/2012.
    May God Almighty protect and strengthen those who stand for truth, virtue and freedom from oppression.
    In my land Australia, many people are planning and now are starting to group against our own corrupt and criminal people in government. War Crimes charges are being talked about and special hearings may be had in the next elected Parliament, which may summons such persons, as they deem proper. This is a special power of the Parliament, which has only been used once since Federation and regards the Fitzpatric and Browne hearing of 1955.
    However, our political situation is not yet as urgent as Egypt’s.

    Their (Egyptian peoples) win, is a win for every oppressed man, woman and child worldwide.
    May God Almighty be with Egyptians of all faiths who wish for truth and democracy and a new Government picked by the people.

    My prayers are with Egyptians in their fight for truth and freedom.

    Stephen Olof Wikblom – Murray Bridge, South Australia

    Jan 31, 2011 @ 7:40 pm