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Tag: voters


No election-night blood bath, just some slow bleeds

This editorial will appear in Thursday’s print edition.

If Washington voters are mad, they largely kept it to themselves this election.

The anti-incumbent fever supposedly sweeping the nation didn’t materialize in any big way Tuesday night. With few exceptions, incumbency conferred its usual advantages as sitting politicians enjoyed healthy leads.

But the armor wasn’t without some chinks. A number of Democratic state senators appear to be in trouble – and some experts read signs of distress in the returns for U.S. Senate and the state’s only open congressional seat.

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Get those ballots in, slackers!

The governor’s right. We ought to have a rule requiring that mail-in ballots be in by election day, like other states require.

With the exception of military serving overseas, there’s no good reason Washingtonians shouldn’t be able to get their ballots to their local auditors by then. If we insist on voting on election day itself, we can stick our ballots into the provided drop-off boxes (of which there probably should be more).

This isn’t only about annoying delays in finding out who won or lost. When the counting drags on – and on, and on – some people

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