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Dumb and dumber in Olympia

Let us devoutly hope that the bad blood in Olympia over vandalism doesn’t escalate into a petty tit-for-tat cycle of reprisal.

Some anonymous idiot Tuesday night broke several windows of the apartment of a self-described anarchist, Daniel Kyle Wilson. Two days earlier, The News Tribune and The Olympian newspaper had featured Wilson in a front-page article on anarchism.

Running with the story was a photograph of Wilson throwing a rock at a bank window during a 2008 May Day march in Olympia. The photographer was The Olympian’s Tony Overman, whose house was recently vandalized, apparently by fudge-brained radicals angered

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Vandalism? No, this is what domestic terrorism looks like

This editorial will appear in Monday’s print edition.

If what happened last week to The Olympian newspaper and photographer Tony Overman had been done at random by a bunch of bored, misbehaving kids, it would be vandalism. But that’s not what happened.

Destruction that targeted The Olympian and Overman’s home were deliberate acts by self-described anarchists for the purposes of retaliation and intimidation. Retaliation for journalists’ exercise of their First Amendment rights and intimidation to make them hesitate to exercise those rights in the future.

That’s not vandalism; it’s domestic terrorism. And in a free society, it cannot be justified or tolerated. We trust that the authorities are treating this case in that light.
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