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Lawmakers: Please ignore the skin-radiation lobby

This editorial will appear in Thursday’s print edition.

It didn’t seem possible that anyone could match the cynical cancer-peddling of tobacco companies. But the tanning industry has been giving them a run for the money.

The tanning salon lobby has long fought legislation efforts to bar minors from their tanning beds. The reason is obvious: Teenage girls spend a lot of money in those salons.

The industry’s umbrella group, the Indoor Tanning Association, is notorious for false claims about the virtues of artificial tanning. In 2010, the Federal Trade Commission ordered it to stop. Now a similar organization – the American Suntanning Association – has suddenly materialized. Read more »


FDA should get tough on indoor tanning

This editorial will appear in Monday’s print edition.

It’s a shame that state Rep. Jeannie Darneille’s bill to regulate and restrict the indoor tanning industry didn’t get very far in this year’s legislative session.

Her bill would have required that indoor tanning businesses be licensed and inspected as they are in most other states – and as other personal care businesses such as hair salons already are in Washington. Most importantly, it would have banned the use of indoor tanning beds by anyone under 18 without a doctor’s prescription.

That last provision was especially important, because experts say indoor tanning is the main reason doctors are seeing more advanced cases of potentially deadly melanoma in younger and younger victims – and mostly in women because they’re more likely to use tanning beds. Cancers that dermatologists once saw mostly in old men are now showing up in twentysomethings and even teenagers.
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Tanning beds pose risk to minors, so regulate them

This editorial will appear in Friday’s print edition.

You can spot them at any local mall, the young girls with the dark tans.

Chances are, they didn’t get that healthy-looking glow at the beach. More likely they’re regular customers at one of the tanning salons that are as nearly ubiquitous as coffee shops. So many young women seem to be addicted to tanning that there’s even a name for them: tanorexics.
They may look good now – and even that’s a matter of opinion – but they’ll pay for it with early-onset wrinkles and a significantly higher risk of cancer.

In fact, tanning beds are one reason why Washington state has the fifth-highest incidence of melanoma in the nation. But it is one of only 11 states that fail to even minimally regulate them.
Dermatologists report that they are seeing more cases of melanoma in younger and younger people, and they attribute most of that increase to indoor tanning. Indeed, the World Health Organization says that the risk of melanoma jumps by 75 percent in those who begin using tanning beds before age 30. Read more »