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A 12-year-old’s right to video violence?

The people at the San Jose Mercury News, in an otherwise sensible editorial, offered this stock inanity to moms and dads alarmed about their kids’ access to shockingly violent video games:

The industry’s voluntary rating system, according to the Federal Trade Commission, does a decent job keeping games rated “Mature” and “Adults Only” from being sold to minors. And where it fails, parents still can pull out that time-tested technique: the word no.

Those parents would include the exhausted single mothers who hold down two jobs and have no idea 8-year-old Jimmy is torturing women on screen in his abundant spare time?

The parents who don’t give a damn that their kids have discovered great sport in virtual massacres? The parents who never played a video game and never bothered to find out what transpires in the likes of Grand Theft Auto?
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