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Gov’s budget writer tiring of the second-guessing

Victor Moore, the governor’s budget writer, is frustrated with all the Monday-morning quarterbacking of his negotiations with state employee unions last year. “There’s a lot of 20/20 hindsight going on,” he says.

Moore, director of the state Office of Financial Management, called today in response to yesterday’s post detailing the Republicans’ charge that the governor (and, by extension, Moore) had put the Legislature in a bind by signing new contracts with state workers last year. The GOP argues that the collective bargaining law would have allowed the state to set its own terms and conditions of state employee had the governor let the contracts lapse.

Moore disputes that. He says he can’t stonewall the unions. He’s required to bargain in good faith and argues that the state would probably be in court right now trying to fight an unfair labor practice lawsuit had he done differently.

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