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Tag: social media


No need to force applicants to provide social media access

This editorial will appear in Friday’s print edition.

Consider this scenario: You apply for a job. Your prospective employer shows up on your doorstep and tells you the only way you’ll be considered is if you let him go through the mail that comes to your home for the next month.

That mail might include medical information, revealing facts about your private life, even personal products that come “packaged for your privacy.” But you really want that job . . .

No employer would do that, of course, but according to some job seekers, a high-tech version of that is happening: They say employers and universities increasingly are demanding that applicants turn over their user names and passwords to such social media sites as Facebook to learn more about them. In response, some lawmakers plan to introduce legislation forbidding employers from seeking access to private Internet sites. Read more »


Social media should be out of order in the courtroom

This editorial will appear in Monday’s print edition.

We can all probably agree that there are a few places where it’s inappropriate to tweet or post something to Facebook about what’s going on.

The bathroom comes  immediately to mind. Talk about oversharing.

But what about the courtroom? Increasingly, cases are being affected – and verdicts overturned – because some jurors are all too eager to share their opinions through social media like Twitter and Facebook. And according to a Wall Street Journal report, attorneys are even searching social media for comments that could provide fodder for costly new trials or appeals. Consider a few examples:
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