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Tag: Shelton


Bum raps for Shelton’s wood-biomass project

This editorial will appear in tomorrow’s print edition.

Green power looks attractive at a distance, sometimes less so close up. A good example is the environmentally benign wind farm that ruins the view when it’s built on a nearby ridge.

Another example is the biomass plant now proposed for Shelton. A joint venture of Duke Energy and a French partner, it would cost $250 million and produce enough electricity for an estimated 40,000 homes. The feedstock would be stumps, branches and other debris from logging operations in the area.

Some Mason County residents – it’s not clear how many – oppose the plan. Others welcome the several hundred jobs the project would bring to the economically distressed county.

The NIMBY – “not in my back yard” – syndrome is at work here, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s easy for outsiders to dismiss the concerns of people who’d find themselves living in the shadow of a big new industrial plant. If most citizens in the Shelton area are genuinely up in arms about the project, great weight ought to be given to their feelings.

That said, some of the critics are making dubious claims about the plant’s effects.
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