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Hoop dreams get a boost from big-name investors

This editorial will appear in Monday’s print edition.

These are the times that try Northwest basketball fans’ souls. Four years after Seattle’s NBA team was moved to Oklahoma City, it’s playing for the championship.

Besides rooting for the Miami Heat, what are Sonics fans to do?

Well, they could always root for the guys hoping to bring another NBA team to town – which thousands of fans did last week at a big downtown rally.

The likeliest candidate is the Sacramento Kings, a franchise that is in the same kind of situation the Sonics were in before they moved: a dispute over a new downtown arena. (And yes, there’s no little irony that Seattle would be doing to another city what was done to it.)
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The ‘heart and soul’ of the Mariners signs off

Seattle Mariners broadcaster Dave Niehaus reacts to the applause of the pregame crowd at Safeco Field in 2000 as he is inducted into the team’s Hall of Fame. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

This editorial will appear in Friday’s print edition.

For Seattle Mariners fans, the sweetest sound on a summer day was hearing Dave Niehaus’ “My, oh my!” on the car radio. It almost surely signaled a hard-hit baseball soaring over an outfield fence.

That familiar voice was stilled Wednesday when the Northwest baseball icon died at age 75.

For longtime fans, Niehaus was the voice of the Mariners, broadcasting since they began playing at the Kingdome 34 seasons ago. Big names came and went on the field, but Niehaus was the constant, the touchstone for fans. He truly was, as team president Chuck Armstrong said, “the heart and soul” of the franchise.

When fans think of the team’s greatest moments, their thoughts inevitably are narrated by Niehaus. Who can forget the excitement in his voice in 1995 when Edgar Martinez doubled in Ken Griffey Jr. to win the American League Division Series against the New York Yankees? Or hearing him order up some mustard and rye bread to go with a “grand salami” home run?
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22 years of Junior: Thanks for the memories

This editorial will appear in Friday’s print edition.

It’s possible that someday there will be a Seattle Mariner whose career will eclipse that of Ken Griffey Jr. But there will never be another player like him.

He was the real deal, the whole enchilada: outstanding hitter with 630 home runs, 10-time Gold Glove-winning outfielder who made impossible catches look deceptively easy, 13-time All-Star and charismatic clubhouse leader.

Oh, and he was such a fan favorite that he can arguably take credit for saving Major League Baseball in the Northwest, inspiring construction of a ballpark that would keep the city’s team here. They loved him even after he left to play for another team, and they were ecstatic when he agreed to come back and end his career here. Read more »


It’s human nature to want our heroes to stay forever young

This editorial will appear in Thursday’s print edition.

Ken Griffey Jr.

The furor over what some are calling “Napgate” will run its course, as these things do. What won’t change, however, is the humanity at the heart of the issue.

Seattle Mariners players – and many fans – are upset with News Tribune sportswriter Larry LaRue. He quoted a player anonymously as saying that the team’s designated hitter, first-ballot Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr., was napping late in Saturday’s game and that might have been why he wasn’t asked to pinch-hit. LaRue wrote that another unnamed player confirmed that Griffey was snoozing in the locker room.
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