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Tag: Sarah Palin


Double standard for cheesecake?

The big news du jour, of course, is the Massachusetts senatorial race, won by previously unknown Scott Brown. I’ve read all the analysis of how the Republican was able to beat the Democratic candidate in a deep blue state, and I get it: Martha Coakley ran a spectacularly poor campaign, and he ran a brilliant, grass-roots race that appealed to everyday folks. Throw in a good dose of voter discontent with the party in power and voila: an upset.

What I don’t get is why his 1982 cheesecake spread in Cosmopolitan apparently helped him, according to some commentators. I can’t

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Google Search: palin obamacare prejean fox rogue ‘death panels’

This editorial will appear in tomorrow’s print edition.

Page views, traffic, unique visitors – that’s the name of the game on the Web. The point is to hook people looking for what you’ve got by making sure their Google searches make a beeline to your site.

You’ve got to jump on what’s hot. Work the search terms du jour into your posts, your headlines, your tags. And here’s an idea: Work all the sizzling terms into a single post.

We’ll give this a try. Google tracks the most popular key words and lists them on various indexes. We discover there that “sarah palin” seems to be a big draw. There’s plain old “sarah palin,” “sarah palin newsweek cover,” “sarah palin sexist newsweek editor,” “sarah palin nice legs,” “sarah palin going rogue,” “next president you betcha,” “sarah palin liberals will jump off bridges” and many other permutations of the unusually strong palin brand.

Let’s make our fundamental marketing strategy clear here: Palin Palin Palin Palin Palin Palin Palin Palin Palin.

Another big one is “glenn beck.” In fact, those two words bring up more than 9 million hits on Google. And “glenn beck” is joined at the hip with “fox news,” which is another hot pair. It makes sense, then, that a post that combined “glenn beck,” “fox news” and “sarah palin” – as we just did – would bring a drove of their fans and foes this way, though we’re certain they’ll feel duped when they get here.
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Is Newsweek cover sexist?

I’m not a big Sarah Palin fan, but I’m on her side in thinking that the Newsweek cover photo of her in shorts is inappropriate.

I just don’t buy the Newsweek line that the photo, originally taken for Runner’s World magazine, was
“the most interesting image available to us to illustrate the theme of the cover.” Most provocative, yes. But I think it’s dismissive of a person who, like her or not, deserves more respect.

That said, she looks great.

Anyone else have thoughts on the cover?