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Tag: same-sex marriage


No Chick-fil-A here to boycott

Ever since it became known that Chick-fil-A President and CEO Dan Cathy is a big donor to campaigns against same-sex marriage, his critics have pushed for a boycott of the chain. But even if you wanted to participate in either the boycott or the anti-boycott, you couldn’t do it in this neck of the woods. The closest location is in Boise, Idaho.

The chain is more a Southern thing, and I have to say I’m kind of addicted to their “classic” chicken sandwich. I’ve always dropped into one of its locations when I go back to Florida to visit friends.

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Obama reinforces struggle for marriage equality

This editorial will appear in Friday’s print edition.

It’s hard to look at President Barack Obama’s announcement Wednesday in support of same-sex marriage as anything more than anticlimactic symbolism, welcome that it is.

It’s not likely to be much of a political game-changer in the presidential election. Those strongly opposed to expansion of gay rights probably weren’t inclined to vote for Obama in November anyway after he overturned restrictions on gays in the military and announced that his administration would not defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court.

Because of Obama’s longtime support for gay rights, supporters of same-sex marriage were probably already inclined to vote for him even though his public position on the issue was only “evolving.” His reluctance to come out in favor of same-sex marriage had widely been interpreted as being politically motivated: He hoped not to alienate the independent voters so crucial to his re-election. His announcement this week certainly was prompted by Vice President Joe Biden’s earlier comments of support for same-sex marriage.
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A historic day for Washington state and civil rights

This editorial will appear in Monday’s print edition.

With Gov. Chris Gregoire’s signature, Washington today becomes the seventh state to recognize gay marriage. It’s a historic day for same-sex couples seeking equal treatment under the law for their relationships.

But they shouldn’t rush out and order invitations and wedding cake; it’s unlikely they can start getting married anytime soon. Opponents have vowed to place at least one measure on the November ballot to overturn the legislation that passed the state Legislature last week largely along party lines.

Referendum backers only need to gather 120,557 signature to get on the ballot; an initiative requires 241,153. If signature-gathering falls short, same-sex marriages could start taking place in June. Otherwise, the outcome of the November election would be the deciding factor.
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It’s time to extend rights of marriage to same-sex couples

This editorial will appear in Friday’s print edition.

State lawmakers will have a lot on their plates Monday when they return to Olympia and address the budget shortfall as well as Thursday’s state supreme court ruling on education funding.

But they should also take the opportunity this session to pass landmark legislation proposed by Gov. Chris Gregoire and expand the legal rights of marriage to homosexual couples.

Gregoire is proposing that the Legislature legalize same-sex marriage, which would make Washington the seventh state to allow such unions after Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont. The District of Columbia also allows same-sex marriage.

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Overturning Proposition 8 breath of fresh air

When California’s Proposition 8 was overturned Wednesday, perhaps you breathed a little easier. I did.

For a few hours, the world seemed a forgiving place, where even the “sanctity of marriage” could find the grace of inclusiveness.

For a few moments, the self-righteous seemed deflated at the legal ruling described by the New York Times as “a stirring and eloquently reasoned denunciation of all forms of irrational discrimination.”

But, self-righteousness never deflates for long. Google “Proposition 8″ and you’ll see, it’s already rearing its ugly head again.

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