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New game plan needed to return Sonics to Seattle

This editorial will appear in Wednesday’s print edition.

Seattle’s slam dunk turned into an airball Monday.

A group of buyers headed by billionaires Chris Hansen and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer appeared to have a done deal to buy the Sacramento Kings and move the team to a site south of Safeco Field in Seattle. They thought so. So did Northwest fans. The team’s owners certainly did. Even a lot of people in Sacramento assumed the Kings were out the door after an earlier arena deal there fell through.

So what happened? Why did a panel of team owners recommend against allowing the sale of the Kings to buyers that would be one of the NBA’s best-financed ownership groups in a more desirable market?

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Sacramento letter writers aren’t keen on keeping the Kings

I’ve come to view letters to the editor as a fairly good indicator of public opinion around election time. I can usually predict how ballot measures are going to turn out just by the number of letters we receive on each side.

If that’s the case, then folks in Sacramento either don’t really care whether the Kings basketball team relocates to Seattle or the folks who do care don’t write letters.

Checking out four recent letters to the Sacramento Bee inspired by news that a local deep-pockets “whale” had emerged in the bid to buy the team, only one supported efforts to keep the Kings in California’s capital city. And even she admitted to being “disenchanted” with the franchise.

Two writers focus on how the proposed new stadium deal would be a bad one for Sacramento. A third opponent of keeping the team just seems tired of the whole thing: Read more »


Amid excitement for an NBA team, empathy for another city

Investor Chris Hansen heads a team hoping to bring Sacramento’s NBA team to Seattle. (The Associated Press)
Investor Chris Hansen heads a team hoping to bring Sacramento’s NBA team to Seattle. (The Associated Press)

This editorial will appear in Friday’s print edition.

Even some of the Northwest basketball fans most excited about the prospect of once again having an NBA team in Seattle may feel a little guilty about what fans in Sacramento, Calif., are going through.

After losing the Seattle Sonics five years ago, they can empathize with those who stand to lose a team they’ve followed since 1985.

When Oklahoma City was on the verge of taking the Seattle franchise, we here in the Northwest had a lot of choice comments about the fans there who were so eager for a team they didn’t care how they got it. Now we’re in much the same position, and it feels a little strange to steal another city’s team.

But that’s what pro sports are like these days, right? Well, yes, but they’ve always been like that. The Sacramento Kings started out as the Rochester (N.Y.) Royals in 1946. In 1957 the team became the Cincinnati (Ohio) Royals, then became the Kings when it moved in 1972 to the Kansas City (Mo.) and Omaha (Neb.) market before leaving for Sacramento in 1985. If a local investment group is successful in buying the team, Seattle would just be the latest stop of many.
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