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Tag: Proposition 8


A giant step forward on the path to marriage equality

This editorial will appear in Thursday’s print edition.

The words “landmark” and “historic” get tossed around a lot after a U.S. Supreme Court decision comes out. Wednesday’s 5-4 ruling overturning a key part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act genuinely deserves those labels.

It signals what anyone who was really paying attention already sensed: That the nation is moving, slowly but inexorably, toward full marriage equality. And Washington state, the first one where citizens voted to make same-sex marriage legal, helped lead the way.

On top of polls showing a majority of Americans now support marriage equality, the fact

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A historic day for Washington state and civil rights

This editorial will appear in Monday’s print edition.

With Gov. Chris Gregoire’s signature, Washington today becomes the seventh state to recognize gay marriage. It’s a historic day for same-sex couples seeking equal treatment under the law for their relationships.

But they shouldn’t rush out and order invitations and wedding cake; it’s unlikely they can start getting married anytime soon. Opponents have vowed to place at least one measure on the November ballot to overturn the legislation that passed the state Legislature last week largely along party lines.

Referendum backers only need to gather 120,557 signature to get on the ballot; an initiative requires 241,153. If signature-gathering falls short, same-sex marriages could start taking place in June. Otherwise, the outcome of the November election would be the deciding factor.
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Overturning Proposition 8 breath of fresh air

When California’s Proposition 8 was overturned Wednesday, perhaps you breathed a little easier. I did.

For a few hours, the world seemed a forgiving place, where even the “sanctity of marriage” could find the grace of inclusiveness.

For a few moments, the self-righteous seemed deflated at the legal ruling described by the New York Times as “a stirring and eloquently reasoned denunciation of all forms of irrational discrimination.”

But, self-righteousness never deflates for long. Google “Proposition 8″ and you’ll see, it’s already rearing its ugly head again.

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