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Happy 4/20, dude

Today is 4/20, which has been described as the unofficial holiday for pot smokers.

So here’s my question: Isn’t every day an unofficial holiday for pot smokers?

Why is 4/20 so special to potheads, and what does it have to do with Louis Pasteur? Go here to find out.


Medical marijuana law still says one patient per grower

This editorial will appear in Wednesday’s print edition.

Medical marijuana advocates made a deal with the voters in 1998 with Initiative 692: no sales, no shops, no dispensaries, no co-ops, nothing that would even vaguely resemble a legalized dope industry.

The year before, Washingtonians had rejected a loophole-riddled initiative that would have abetted the loosey-goosey quasi-commercialization already seen in California. I-692 included a crucial safeguard: authorized patients could use marijuana, but they had to grow their own supply or have it provided by a caregiver. No money was to change hands.

One patient per caregiver: The law explicitly says the caregiver must “possess no more marijuana than is necessary for the patient’s personal medical use.” And he or she must “be the primary caregiver to only one patient at one time.” That language would not be in there had the law envisioned shops with scores or hundreds of paying customers. Read more »