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Pope sanctions Darwin

This week an academic conference is taking place at the University of Notre Dame, titled “Darwin in the 21st Century: Nature, Humanity, and God.” It is timed with the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species, and organized by the Pontifical Council for Culture’s Science, Theology, and the Ontological Quest (STOQ) Project in Rome.

This conference is nothing short of an evolution revolution, especially given the church’s history with science. As my daughter might say, “The two haven’t exactly been bffs.”

I am thinking Galileo. The year is 1609. Galileo steps out under a canopy of stars, perhaps one or more of his four children are underfoot. He takes the telescope he made with his own hands, not even sure how well it will work, and puts it to his eye. What he sees catapults human understanding like nothing before it.

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