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Tag: Parks Appreciation Day


A clean Dome and well-tended parks: Citizenship at work

This editorial will appear in tomorrow’s print edition.

Imagine Pierce County without volunteers and donors.

PTAs and youth athletic leagues would wither, along with homeless shelters and food kitchens. Trash would accumulate in alleys, vacant lots and on roadsides. Parks would turn into dumps. Charities would cease to exist.

And Tacoma’s most visible landmark – the Tacoma Dome – wouldn’t be getting cleaned this month.

Some anonymous donor recently offered the City of Tacoma up to $103,835 to scrub the Dome’s embarrassingly filthy roof.

A crew is now engaged in removing seven years of grime from its surface. Tens of thousands of motorists will soon be driving by a sparkling architectural icon, not a monument to freeway exhaust.

It’s a perfect illustration of why the world needs people generous with their time or money.

The city government is flat broke, so short of revenue that its police and fire departments are threatened by cutbacks. It’s in no position to write a six-figure check for an optional cleanup. Without private help, the Dome might have remained caked with pollutants – getting dirtier and dirtier – for years to come.

To that anonymous, public-spirited citizen: a heartfelt thanks.
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Earth Day: Each of us doing a little can add up to a lot

This editorial will appear in Thursday’s print edition.

As Earth Day turns 40 today, the environmental problems facing the world look all but insurmountable: climate change and the growing threat of hunger and water shortages, acidic oceans, vanishing plant and animal species . . . the list could go on and on.

As individuals, saving the Earth really isn’t much of an option. But each of us has the power to improve a little corner of it.

At the personal level, simple things can help, like walking or using mass transit instead of driving, conserving energy in our homes with efficient appliances and compact fluorescent light bulbs, planting native species that don’t need watering and eating more locally grown foods. And sometimes, doing the right thing for the environment has a bonus: It can save us money on our household bills. Read more »