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Tag: Olympics


Women flexed their muscle at London Olympic Games

This editorial will appear in Monday’s print edition.

‘We now return you to your regularly scheduled midsummer madness . . .”

Well, that was fun. As of this writing (Friday), the Brits had put on a jolly good Olympics show, and the American athletes had hauled in roughly the expected number of medals. Now we can get back to the real business that takes place every four years at this time: complaining about too many nasty political ads on TV.

Before the London Summer Olympics fade into memory, some afterthoughts.

• It was the year of the woman, with every country in attendance sending at least one woman to the games for the first time. Read more »


Vancouver pulled off a great Winter Games

This editorial will appear in Tuesday’s print edition.

For a while there, it looked like the Vancouver Olympic Games were shaping up as disastrous.

Hours before the opening ceremonies, the death of a young Georgian luger cast a dispiriting pall over what was supposed to be a joyous celebration. Then a technical glitch involving the Olympic flame became the source of jokes and doubts that the city had its act together.

Events had to be postponed in the first week due to unusually warm weather creating havoc on the slopes. And press reports out of Canada detailed anguish that the country’s $118 million “Own the Podium” program was fizzling. The capper was the U.S. men’s hockey team upset victory over Canada in an early round-robin matchup – setting the scene for Sunday’s gold-medal game. Read more »


Let the Games begin – and the rain go away

This editorial will appear in Friday’s print edition.

As the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games open tonight, we here in the suburbs of the 17-day event should be keeping our fingers crossed – and not just for the 11 Washington athletes seeking Olympic glory. We should also wish our neighbors to the north some serious good luck (bonne chance, in the spirit of Canadian bilingualism).

After all, when the British Columbia city won its quest to land the Winter Games seven years ago, who could have foreseen that they would take place during the worst global economic plunge since 1929 – and in an El Niño year to boot. That weather pattern is creating unseasonably warm conditions, forcing Vancouver organizers to haul snow in by truck and helicopter. Read more »


The Olympics aren’t a game around these parts

We got all fired up this morning to write an editorial mocking The U.S. Olympic Committee, which has the gall to try to block the attempt by our sister paper, The Olympian, to trademark its name.

It is bad enough that the committee has already bullied a winery on the Olympic Peninsula in the shadow of the Olympic Mountains from backing off the name Olympic Cellars. Now the committee is going after a newspaper named for Washington’s capital city? As if the owners of The Olympian were really only trying to get in on Olympics fever when they named

Read more »