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Finally, D’s and R’s agree on something

Green Bay Packers' Tramon Williams (38) and Charles Woodson (21) vie for a pass against Seattle Seahawks' Charly Martin (14), M.D. Jennings and Golden Tate, obscured, in the final moments of an NFL football game Monday in Seattle. After review the play stood as a touchdown by Seahawks' Golden Tate as the Seahawks won 14-12. (AP Photo/Stephen Brashear)

Yes, we have reached bipartisan agreement – that the referees’ disputed call at the end of Monday night’s game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers shows why the NFL needs to get its regular refs back to work.

The call, which ruled that Golden Tate made a touchdown reception with 8 seconds to play, gave the victory to Seattle, 14-12.

GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan, a congressman from the Packers’ home state of Wisconsin, said: “You guys watch that Packer game last night? I mean, give me a break. It is time to get the real refs and you know what it reminds me of — President Obama and the economy. If you can’t get it right, it’s time to get out.”

Obama weighed in, calling the call “terrible.” In a tweet that went out under his initials, the president said: “NFL fans on both sides of the aisle hope the refs’ lockout is settled soon.”

For an AP take on it, click here.

In Wisconsin, which has seen its share of partisan wrangling recently, both sides agree: The Packers wuz robbed. (They all sound like whiny sore losers to me.)

Here’s an AP article on it. Read more »


Lincoln community reaps benefits of Kitna’s life lessons

Lincoln High School football coach Jon Kitna discusses a play with the team before heading out to their first game against Bonney Lake Sept 1. Lincoln won the game 34-27. (LUI KIT WONG/Staff photographer)

This editorial will appear in Monday’s print edition.

We needed a good-news sports story. On Friday, News Tribune columnist John McGrath gave us a doozie. (Click here to read it.)

Too often we’ve been disappointed by sports heroes who turned out to have feet of clay. Think of Lance Armstrong’s doping accusations, Tiger Woods’ cheating scandal, and any number of athletes’ use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Former NFL quarterback Jon Kitna is a refreshing contrast. When his 15-season pro football career ended, he chose to give back to the community where he grew up – at a fraction of his NFL salary – and share his gridiron expertise with his alma mater, Tacoma’s Lincoln High School.

Kitna, who was hired in January to coach football and teach math at Lincoln, is imparting other lessons as well, complementing what Principal Pat Erwin is trying to do in the classroom with Lincoln Center. They are character-building life lessons that would serve any young person well, but particularly young men attending school in one of the city’s less affluent neighborhoods, where the lure of gangs is strong, expectations are low and dropout rates are high. Read more »