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Tag: Mother’s Day


Mothers gone wild

You may have caught this story on the National Geographic channel already. If not, take a look. You may find it as amazing as I did.

Leopards are not noted for their charity. They catch something, they eat it. It’s how they make a living.

Yet this female leopard was captured on film trying to mother a baby baboon. The film crew had been following Legadema – as they’d named the cat – for months. One day, it killed a baboon. Poking around, the leopard found a tiny baboon hanging on to its dead mother.

Here’s the Mother’s Day

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Motherhood: Where would humanity be without it?

This editorial will appear in Sunday’s print edition.

Warning: You’re in for a sexist ride in this editorial. Sorry, guys.

As doting and devoted as many fathers are, this is Mother’s Day.

To be clear, we’re talking motherhood in the broad sense of the word. Women who don’t have children of their own tend to find nephews and nieces, strays and neighborhood kids, to take under their capacious wings. Mother is as mother does.

If maternity is idealized, it’s because there’s quite a kernel of truth in the ideal.

There’s something fanatical and primal in a mother’s love. If the house is on fire, she’s going to wrestle the firefighters to go after her trapped child. If a bear gets between mom and her cub, watch out, bear.

For their children, mothers make career sacrifices that wouldn’t occur to most men. They shouldn’t have to – the corporate world should be more mother-friendly than it is – but they do.

They lead most of the nation’s PTAs. They do most of the volunteering in schools. Even when dad is a superb father, mom tends to do most of the heavy lifting in caring for the children. That’s no aspersion on fathers who may be spending more time bringing money into the home, but it’s an emotional fact.

The disparity between some men and most women leaps out when fathers and mothers split.
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Crazy motherhood

Mothers are insane.

A week ago, when a jury was deciding whether Conner Schierman should live or die for murdering a family of four in Kirkland, his mom showed up and did her best.

Conner was the love of her life, she told the jurors. He’d had a tough childhood. His father was an abusive alcoholic. He’d struggled with addictions. He’d done origami in jail and learned how to meditate. “I love him, he loves me,” she said. A depraved killer? Not to her.

Nobody found her testimonial shocking. That’s the way mothers are.

One thing every child needs, said

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