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Tag: mail-in ballots


Get those ballots in, slackers!

The governor’s right. We ought to have a rule requiring that mail-in ballots be in by election day, like other states require.

With the exception of military serving overseas, there’s no good reason Washingtonians shouldn’t be able to get their ballots to their local auditors by then. If we insist on voting on election day itself, we can stick our ballots into the provided drop-off boxes (of which there probably should be more).

This isn’t only about annoying delays in finding out who won or lost. When the counting drags on – and on, and on – some people

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So you put two 46-cent stamps on your ballot

Feeling a little silly now, aren’t you?

It turns out those who want to mail Pierce County’s hefty two-part absentee ballots for Tuesday’s election don’t need to affix 61 cents in postage after all.

Auditor Jan Shabro now says that the county will pay the postage of voters who don’t use the correct amount. All ballots will be delivered and counted. The county doesn’t publicize that fact, she told reporter David Wickert in an article Thursday, hoping that voters will choose to pay anyway. Otherwise it comes out of her office’s budget.

That revelation, unfortunately, didn’t

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