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Where are the women candidates?

Today’s centerpiece article on the opinion page about women candidates, “Don’t get mad, get elected,” got me wondering about the future of this state’s female leadership.

Washington has a woman governor and two women senators. The state Senate has a woman majority leader (Lisa Brown), and the state Legislature is full of women.

But now Brown has announced she’s not seeking re-election, and Gov. Chris Gregoire is stepping down, likely to be replaced by either Rob McKenna or Jay Inslee. If Sen. Marie Cantwell is defeated in November, the state will only have one woman elected statewide (Sen. Patty Murray). Read more »


Stalemate creates bigger state budget hole

This editorial will appear in Tuesday’s print edition.

The governor is disgusted, and she’s not alone.

The legislative special session that was supposed to last seven days greets its 16th dawn today with little to show for the extra time.

Sightings of House Speaker Frank Chopp crossing the Capitol building to speak to Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown about a budget deal are what pass for news these days. As the House and Senate remain locked in a battle of wills over a tax package, most lawmakers have been sent home to await word of a compromise.

Legislative leaders beg for understanding, noting that this is the largest budget hole they’ve ever sought to sew up in a short 60-day session.

But the size of the shortfall hasn’t changed significantly since November. The gap was $2.6 billion late last year when Gov. Chris Gregoire released her all-cuts budget proposal; it has since inched up to $2.8 billion.

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Senate Majority Leader: ‘Enough is enough’

Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown has posted what is essentially a response to our editorial “Past time for state to get tough with unions.”

In her post “Enough is enough – state workers aren’t to blame!”, Brown argues (much as the union did last week) that state workers have already given up $800 million in compensation (raises that were negotiated but never given because the recession hit) in addition to other sacrifices. She says that to ask more of them would be unfair.

Like workers in the private sector, state workers are making major financial sacrifices. But

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