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Count on Israel to sabotage its one path to peace

This editorial will appear in Monday’s print edition.

Some Arabs hate Israel for merely existing. Many more chiefly hate its often roughshod treatment of Palestinians.

Nothing exemplifies the Israeli government’s arrogance more than its obsessive expansion of Jewish settlements in Palestinian East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

The only conceivable peace between Israelis and Arabs will require an independent Palestinian nation in those areas. Yet Israel’s ruling Likud Party seems bent on salting Palestinian territory with hostile Jewish enclaves, a practice that antagonizes the entire Muslim world and Israel’s chief ally, the United States.

Now, by the day, Israel’s neighborhood is quickly turning more dangerous.

A week and a half after the cease-fire in Gaza, Hamas is probably already restocking its missile arsenal. The Islamist Muslim Brotherhood is tightening its grip on Egypt. Turkey, once a reliable and powerful friend of Israel, has aligned itself with Hamas.

The Likud government, in its wisdom, has chosen this moment to expand the settlements. On Friday, it loudly approved construction of 3,000 new Jewish homes in Palestinian territory. It also announced a zoning process for approving settlements in a section of East Jerusalem critical to Palestinian statehood.

At times like this, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Likud officials look as pathologically foolish as their worst enemies.
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