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Tag: Ken Madsen


A recall that targets the right official: Dale Washam

This editorial will appear in tomorrow’s print edition.

Dale Washam, Pierce County’s embarrassment of an assessor-treasurer, apparently thinks of one thing night and day: getting someone – anyone – to prosecute his predecessor, Ken Madsen.

At this point, it’s abundantly clear that Washam is not capable of dropping this poisonous obsession, which long ago spilled over into the abusive treatment of his staff and illegal retaliation against employees who complained.

It’s also abundantly clear he is one very expensive public official. His abuses of office have already run up a six-figure tab for taxpayers, and employees he has mistreated will likely be collecting settlements mounting well into the seven figures.

The man simply must be stopped before he does more damage, because – bank on it – he will do more damage.

A resignation would be the honorable course, but Washam appears utterly incapable of finding any culpability in himself. The rolling disaster his administration has become is all the fault of others – especially the vast conspiracy frustrating his crusade to destroy Madsen.
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Washam’s vendetta leaves county exposed

This editorial will appear in Wednesday’s print edition.

Dale Washam sees vindication where he ought to feel rebuke.

The Pierce County assessor-treasurer claims that a new report detailing why a predecessor failed to visually inspect properties as required validates his call for a criminal investigation.

What Washam seems to miss, in calling attention to the evidence against former assessor-treasurer Ken Madsen, is the finger pointed directly at himself.

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