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Kathleen Parker’s out at CNN

CNN announced today that Kathleen Parker, whose syndicated column used to run on The News Tribune opinion pages, is leaving the show she co-hosted with former New York governor Eliot Spitzer the last four months.

That departure has been rumored for a while; word was that she thought Spitzer was hogging the show and CNN honchos weren’t happy with her and were looking for ways to get the program out of the ratings cellar.

I blogged about the “Parker Spitzer” show last month when rumors started surfacing that there were problems with the low-rated program and

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The case of the missing columnists

Two of our regular syndicated columnists, David Broder and Kathleen Parker, have been MIA in recent weeks. We’re hoping both will be back, but we’re not sure.

Broder has been out sick, and his syndicate (Washington Post Writers Group) hasn’t given us any indication when he’ll be back. WPWG has been substituting Dana Milbank, whose column on the health care repeal runs Thursday. Milbank is pretty good, and we’d likely consider him as a replacement if Broder doesn’t return.

Parker is another matter. We suspended her column because when she started doing the “Parker Spitzer” show on CNN,

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‘Parker Spitzer’ debuts on CNN

Darn, I forgot to set my DVR to tape the debut of “Parker Spitzer” at 5 p.m. on CNN. If anyone who reads this tunes in, feel free to comment with a review.

The new show teams Kathleen Parker, a conservative-leaning, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist whose work appears on The News Tribune opinion pages, and self-described “pragmatic liberal” Eliot Spitzer, who resigned two years ago as governor of New York after news broke that he had sex with call girls.

The early word is that Parker and Spitzer may be too polite to last long in the red-meat world of cable

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Do Pulitzer Prizes lean left?

Author/blogger Diana West thinks so, and she makes a pretty good case in this column. Even this year’s Pulitzer for commentary to conservative columnist Kathleen Parker is somewhat tainted, West writes, because Parker furthers the liberal agenda by occasionally bashing social conservatives including – most prominently – Sarah Palin.

Here’s her column:

By Diana West

Just as the Pulitzer Prizes come around every year, a conservative columnist comes around after them, dusting off the hard fact, as measured in an ever-expanding set of tally marks, that conservatives rarely get to pop a champagne cork over one of their own.

Take the Pulitzer Prize for commentary. Since George F. Will won in 1977, William Safire (1978), Vermont Royster (1984), Charles Krauthammer (1987), Paul Gigot (2000) and Dorothy Rabinowitz (2001) have won as well, and good for them. But that’s six conservative columnists in 33 years.

This year’s winner, Kathleen Parker, is sometimes seen as Rightish, but, with a penchant for smacking down social conservatives, she is perhaps too enlightened, Pulitzer-ainly speaking, to count. As Parker herself put it: “It’s only because I’m a conservative-basher that I’m now recognized after 23 years of toiling in the fields, right?”

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Kathleen Parker’s Pulitzer

Among the 2010 Pulitzer Prize winners announced Monday is Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker for her commentary on national and world issues. She’s in worthy company on our opinion pages, which also include columns by earlier Pulitzer winners David Broder, George Will, Eugene Robinson, Charles Krauthammer, Joel Brinkley and Leonard Pitts Jr. (Maybe the lesson here is, if you write long enough, eventually you win a Pultizer.)

What I like about Parker is that although she’s a conservative, she doesn’t come at issues ideologically; she has the capacity to surprise. That actually got her into hot water when she

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