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Knight’s water war with Yelm is one worth fighting

This editorial will appear in Thursday’s print edition.

Ramtha may or may not have been a great warrior 35,000 years ago, but his purported modern incarnation – New Age guru JZ Knight – is fighting a good fight of her own.

Knight, whose 80-acre estate and Ramtha School of Enlightenment is just outside Yelm city limits in Thurston County, has been battling in court for four years to prevent five housing developments from going in nearby.

She’s taken her cause from the Yelm hearing examiner to the City County to Thurston County Superior Court, to the state Court of Appeals and, now, to the state Supreme Court, where a decision is pending.

Knight’s argument: that Yelm had overestimated its ability to provide water to the developments, and so would be forced to drain water from sources where she owns senior water rights. Her claim is supported by the state Department of Ecology, which says that Yelm has been overcommitting its water resources since 2001.
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Ramtha’s going on the road

JZ Knight
JZ Knight

All kinds of press releases clog our e-mail in boxes. One came in Friday that caught my eye, about “Ramtha’s first historic visit to the Middle East and Israel Jan. 28-31, 2010.”

“First”? Hmmmm. I was sure that in his ramblings, the 35,000-year-old warrior supposedly channeled by JZ Knight of Yelm would have stumbled through the Middle East at some time or other.

Anyway, the press release claims that Knight was “hailed by Time magazine as ‘the most celebrated of all current channelers’.” Double hmmmm. That kind of makes it sound as if Time had published a favorable article about Knight.

So I googled “Time magazine” and “Ramtha” and came up with a January 2007 article that is hardly favorable. The writer says:
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