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Tag: grand bargain


The post-election opening for a balanced deficit deal

This editorial will appear in Sunday’s print edition.

Because Democrats and Republicans couldn’t make a real deficit deal last year, they made a deal so bad they’d have to come back to the table this year. That was the theory, anyway.

The bad deal now stares us in the face. Unless Congress and the president do something by January, $1 trillion of guillotine blades will automatically fall on domestic programs Democrats love and defense programs Republicans love. (There’s crossover love on both sides, of course.)

Combined with the simultaneous expiration of various tax breaks, especially the Bush tax cuts of

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Here’s to four more years of Barack Obama

This editorial will appear in Wednesday’s print edition.

We’ll let the partisans cheer and groan; it’s time to settle down to the challenges the president will face in his hard-won second term.

Elected along with Obama is another Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. Its leaders should be sobered by the return of their political nemesis to the White House – and by the defeat of hyper-conservative Republican candidates for the Senate.

The GOP brand is becoming a harder sell in the United States. That’s partly because its primary voters have purged some of its most appealing mainstream conservatives, partly because the entire party is letting itself be marginalized as an old guard of whites in a nation of expanding ethnic minorities.

Yet the Republicans are not going away, and conservatism is far from a spent force in American politics. There’s still that House majority, led by Speaker John Boehner, for Obama to reckon with.

We’d like to think that the election will clarify things. Republicans can no longer dream of denying the president a second term. Obama knows that the House stands athwart any legislative plans he’d like to pursue in his second term.

They’ll have to live with each other, and deal with each other, if they want to accomplish anything worthwhile for the American people.

America’s overriding problem – to which most other problems attach – is its financial health. The federal government’s immense deficits and the stunning national debt are grave threats to the country. Only Obama, Boehner and the people behind them can do something about it.
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