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Good to Go tolling system should live up to its name

This editorial will appear in Friday’s print edition.

The “Good to Go” electronic tolling system devised for Tacoma Narrows Bridge commuters is now just “Sort of OK to Go.”

Drivers who sign up now for a $5 Good to Go transponder will get one that isn’t readable on the Narrows bridge – even if commuting over that bridge is the main reason they want the pass that allows them to pay a lower toll. It will, however, be readable on the state Route 520 bridge, which will begin tolling later in the spring, and on the state Route 167 hot lanes.

Not to worry, though, says the state Department of Transportation. Drivers with the new transponder who cross the Narrows won’t be fined. Cameras on the bridge will send images of their license plates to the tolling contractor, and a worker will check to see if that vehicle is signed up for Good to Go. If yes, $2.75 will be deducted from the driver’s account. If no, a $5.50 charge will be mailed to the driver.

Wasn’t the whole point of getting a Good to Go transponder the idea that it could be used seamlessly wherever tolls were collected in the state? It doesn’t seem beyond the realm of technical expertise to come up with that kind of system, even if the state switched from the original contractor (TransCore) to the current one (Electronic Transaction Consultants Corp.) Read more »


Good to Go good for babies

I’ve heard a lot of arguments in favor of paying tolls by transponder – time and money being the benefits mentioned most often. But no one’s ever told me that the Good to Go decal on my windshield has public health benefits. Some Columbia University researchers say that reducing stop-and-go traffic at toll plazas helps also reduce premature births.

Folks who live near Highway 16’s toll booths can’t be happy to hear about the study – although one could argue that their air quality is a great deal better now that traffic isn’t backed up for miles trying to get across a single span over the Tacoma Narrows.

By Carlos Lozada
(c) 2009, The Washington Post
If you need yet another reason — beyond wasted gasoline, lost time and road rage — to hate traffic jams, here’s one: They’re bad for babies.

Read more »