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Tag: Easter


A day to remember the better angels of our nature

This editorial will appear in tomorrow’s print edition.

The people who read these pages hail from dozens of faiths, including Judaism and Islam, and many others are nonbelievers. They don’t look here for homilies.

But from any perspective, the commemoration of Easter – the most sacred of Christian holy days – is a deep and rich tradition.

Even the new breed of combative atheists would acknowledge (if ruefully) that belief in the resurrection of Jesus has had sweeping effects on history.

We’d like to think just about everyone could buy into one assumption implicit in Easter: that mankind is capable of redemption.

The human race can be a vicious, dishonest, self-centered, out-of-control species. We’re at our worst when reaching for power, wealth or revenge, and we spend a lot of time reaching for all three.

Elections are the gentlest way of transferring power from one party to another, but they can be uncommonly nasty. This year’s presidential contests don’t seem any uglier than elections in years past; still, they’ve been rife with raw malice.
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