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Tag: do not call list


$50,000 well spent: Blocking robocalls

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of robocalls – those automated sales pitches that invariably come in at the most inconvenient times.

Even if you’re on the “do not call list,” these calls – many of which are scams – still get through. I think they should rename it the “please for the love of God stop calling me list.”  (The list does not apply to political robocalls, which are just as irritating but considered a protected form of speech.)

Luckily I have an ancient but very effective answering machine that lets me monitor incoming messages, and many robocallers hang up as soon as my voice prompt comes on.

The government feels our pain. It’s offering a $50,000 prize to any individual, team or small company that comes up with the best way to block illegal commercial robocalls. Besides getting money, the winner would be a “national hero,” predicts David Vladeck, head of the Federal Trade Commission’s consumer protection bureau.

National hero? Heck, I’d say that would be a Nobel-worthy achievement.

For information on the contest, go to the FTC’s website.

Here’s an AP article that gives more information. Read more »