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Adam Smith on the ‘scary’ prospect of Bush-Cheney officials in a Romney administration

Here’s an interesting piece by U.S. Rep. Adam Smith writing for Foreign Policy. It moved on the wire late this afternoon – too late for us to run over the weekend in the print edition. It might get in the paper next week.

Romney’s Embracing Cheney Is a Scary Thing Indeed

By Adam Smith
(c) 2012, Foreign Policy

A large majority of Americans agree that President Barack Obama has a strong record protecting our nation’s security and that he has the right vision for American leadership in the world. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney’s proposals, in contrast, promise to return us to the discredited doctrines and reckless policies of the George W. Bush administration. We’ve seen that movie before, and it doesn’t end well.

That is why it’s particularly worrisome that on Thursday, Romney attended a GOP fundraiser hosted by former Vice President Dick Cheney at his home in Wyoming. It’s fitting, really, since Romney has called Cheney a “person of wisdom and judgment.”

As Romney considers possible running mates, it’s worth remembering that he pointed to Dick Cheney as the “kind of person I’d like to have” working with him. Likewise, the policies that Romney has advocated – like indefinitely leaving our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, for example – are continuations of the Bush-Cheney doctrine, version 2.0.

It’s no secret that Cheney was the driving force behind the Bush administration’s failed foreign policies: starting the war in Iraq with no plan to finish it, bullying our allies around the world, and watching while Iran and North Korea moved forward with their nuclear programs because the Bush White House couldn’t bring the international community together to confront these threats. Read more »