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Dennis Rodman, diplomat?

koreaVirtually all the national commentary and editorial cartoons have ridiculed Dennis Rodman for his trip to North Korea and subsequent pronouncements about what a great guy dictator Kim Jong Un is, how much the people there love him and how President Obama should just give Kim a call.

Yes, “The Worm” comes off as either naive or hopelessly uninformed about the reality of that totalitarian state, especially after Kim proclaimed his willingness to launch a preemptive nuclear strike against the United States. But in Foreign Policy magazine, writers Joel Wit and Jenny Town take a somewhat different view. They write:

“Dennis the Menace” may have unwittingly stumbled onto an important truth about how to deal with Pyongyang. There can be a diplomatic upside to a political system based on one-person, one-family rule. North Korean leaders have a history of issuing “on-the-spot guidance” — pronouncements that instantly set policy. So reaching out directly to Kim Jong Un might not be such a bad idea, particularly since he is still new on the job.

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