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Tag: Deepwater Horizon


Lessons not learned from Deepwater Horizon disaster

This editorial will appear in Friday’s print edition.

A follow-up progress report by the presidential commission that investigated the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill couldn’t be more timely – or distressing.

It came out Tuesday, just days ahead of today’s second anniversary of the catastrophe that killed 11 workers, released almost 5 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico, and created economic havoc for coastal fishing and tourism industries from Louisiana to Florida.

The report has little good news – especially for the families and loved ones of the dead men and for anyone who works on offshore oil rigs. The lessons of the Deepwater Horizon seem to have been quickly forgotten, and not enough steps have been taken that might avert a similar disaster from taking place in the future. Read more »


Congress should heed oil panel’s recommendations

This editorial will appear in Monday’s print edition.

The ink hasn’t even dried on the official report about the devastating Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and it’s already being criticized by the oil and gas industry for going too far and by environmentalists for not going far enough.

That’s probably a good sign that the bipartisan president’s commission has taken a balanced approach to its investigation of the April 20 explosion that killed 11 workers and sent more than 4 million barrels of oil into the Gulf, killing sea life, fouling beaches and taking away people’s livelihoods.

Now the question is whether Congress will act on the commission’s recommendations, especially in the House, where there is expected to be a more anti-regulatory climate now that Republicans have taken control.

Since the BP spill has largely dissipated – and other crises have gripped the public’s attention – observers sense a lack of momentum toward making important reforms that could prevent a future, similar disaster. Read more »


Years of collusion set the stage for Gulf catastrophe

This editorial will appear in tomorrow’s print edition.

President Obama has described the relationship between oil drillers and the federal government as “cozy.” Corrupt might be a better word.

Until last month’s catastrophic blowout in the Gulf of Mexico – which continues to foul the region with oil – the American offshore drilling industry had a seemingly stellar record. Three decades had gone by without a major spill from thousands of rigs pumping petroleum from far below the sea floor.

It turns out that big problems were festering behind that façade of safety.
Read more »