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Tag: California


Cannabinoid on the lam in California

Here’s a fascinating Los Angeles Times profile of a “medical marijuana” dealer who’s been driven underground but still likes to live dangerously.

It would be unfair to assume he’s typical of dispensary operators around here. Washington’s medical marijuana regime has cleaner roots than California’s; it was low key and mostly nonprofit until 2009.

In California, as the Times notes, “The medical cannabis trade did not rise from a boardroom meeting when voters passed the medical marijuana initiative Proposition 215 in 1996. It sprouted out of the marijuana networks that already existed, with largely the same growers, middlemen and customers.”

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Marijuana ADDICTIVE? No way, man

Posting this antidote to magical thinking to stoke the indignation of the Web’s marijuana fan club. Always entertaining.


About 9% of adults who use marijuana develop an addiction to it. Among people who begin smoking before the age of 18, this number is as high as 17%. Although addiction to marijuana does not cause dramatic physical dependence, it can lead to substantial problems in education, work and relationships. In fact, addiction to marijuana is defined by the inability to stop using despite recognition of harmful consequences. Without harmful consequences, there is no diagnosis of addiction.

The short-term effects

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Sam Reed to California: Top Two’s great

California voters will decide in June whether to adopt an open primary election similar to the one Washington has used since 2008. Secretary of State Sam Reed took some time before preparing to jet to Washington, D.C., this week for the Supreme Court’s hearing on Referendum 71 petitions to pen this San Francisco Chronicle op-ed encouraging California to give Top Two a go:

A nonpartisan winnowing primary gives maximum independence of thought and choice, and lets all voters know that their voice is important. This method really fits our political heritage in the West and honors our proud tradition

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Watt-guzzling TVs latest target but not last

This editorial will appear in Tuesday’s print edition.

America’s obsession with the boob tube has run headlong into concerns about the costs and consequences of satisfying the nation’s appetite for power.

This month, California became the first state in the nation to adopt energy-consumption limits for televisions up to 58 inches. Regulations for larger sets are to follow.

Washington state is widely expected to follow California’s lead – if the federal government doesn’t beat us to the punch. The Golden State’s energy efficiency standards has found their way into federal policy over the last three decades at an increasing clip.

Certainly, something needs to happen to staunch the energy drain that big-screen televisions and their accessories have become.
TV-related power usage has more than tripled since 2000. There are a number of reasons for the surge, and most are beyond the reach of regulators. Americans are buying bigger televisions and more of them. They also keep the sets turned on more hours of the day.

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