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Tag: blackberries


One reason to love blackberries

My colleague, Pat O’Callahan, blogged about his encounter with a car-eating blackberry vine, which inspired today’s editorial. He mentioned the blackberry galette I brought to work earlier this week and suggested I share the recipe here.

I think I’ll keep that one to myself; after all, I have to have something I can take to potlucks and not fear someone else will show up with the same thing. (OK, if you email me at, I’ll send it to you. I just don’t want it out in the blogosphere.)

However, here’s another blackberry concoction I came up with that might be even more popular: Skinny Blackberry Martini. I’ll be drinking this until the blackberries die out. Read more »


Blackberries: Dreadful edibles of the Pacific Northwest

Blackberries are delicious – and voracious. (Staff file photo)

This editorial will appear in Thursday’s print edition.

It’s blackberry season. Eat up.

This is the one time of the year the Himalayan blackberry makes slight amends for its destructive rampage through the Pacific Northwest. Its tangles of living barbed wire have spread so relentlessly through the region that they look like they own the place.

In fact, they don’t belong here. They were imported to the West Coast more than 100 years ago by famed botanist Luther Burbank, of all people, and have been choking out native vegetation ever since.

Blackberry vines are urban guerrillas. They’ll try to grab any patch of earth left untended – alleys, vacant lots, berms, medians, parks, the back yards of sloppy homeowners. Read more »


Blackberries from outer space

A couple encounters with the Himalayan blackberry – one tasty, one scratchy – inspired our editorial Thursday on the predatory plant.

First encounter: I parked my Subaru here in the morning against a median where blackberry vines are proliferating. I come out in the afternoon and – I’m not making this up – a vine has reached up three feet over the hood of the car.

Spooky! Could this plant be an alien invading from Alpha Centauri?

Second encounter: My colleague, Cheryl Tucker, brought in a blackberry galette (a rustic tart) Tuesday morning. Delicious. Where did she get the berries?

Read more »