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Pets left behind: Victims of the Rapture

I spotted this Bloomberg News article on the wire and at first thought it was one of those hoax stories. But apparently there’s a real business that matches up Raptured pet owners with atheist care-givers. Called Eternal Earth-Bound Pets, USA, its motto is: “The next best thing to pet salvation in a Post Rapture World.”

I wonder if it’ll have a local franchise. I know some atheist pet lovers who’d like to make some extra cash.

Here’s the article:

Godless Will Adopt Pets of Blessed — for $110

By Mike Di Paola
Bloomberg News

A fair number of people in the United States — estimates range from 20 million to 40 million — believe there will be a Second Coming in their lifetime, a Judgment Day when the righteous are spirited away to a better place while the godless remain on Earth.

Eschatology raises many troubling questions, but my immediate concern is what happens to the pets of the righteous? Bart Centre, a retired retail executive in New Hampshire, has concocted a plan to address this issue, and make a buck off the apocalypse to boot. Last June he started Eternal Earth-Bound Pets, USA — “The next best thing to pet salvation in a Post Rapture World,” says the Web site — a service that promises to rescue and care for the animals left behind by raptured Christians. Read more »


It’s beginning to look a lot like a Christmas truce

This editorial will appear in Thursday’s print edition.

The Christmas wars may take a breather this year, at least around these parts.

Down in Olympia, the atheists are back, but better behaved. A Seattle man has applied for permission to erect a 18-by-30 inch sign that says, “In this holiday season let us remember that kindness, charity and goodwill transcend belief, creed or religion.”

Hard to disagree with that. The message is a far cry from last year’s provocation, the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation’s placard that mocked religion as superstition and led the state to evict holiday displays from the Capitol.

Apparently, it’s easier to throw jabs from five states away than from down the block. This year’s sign is sponsored by Jerry Schiffelbein, the treasurer for Seattle Atheists, who readily acknowledges the black eye atheists gave themselves.

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Boot Capitol displays, don’t deter gatherings

This editorial will appear in Thursday’s print edition.

Officials at the state Department of General Administration desperately want out of the Christmas wars, and who could blame them?

The agency has had the dubious pleasure of refereeing the annual ritual of rival creeds jockeying for space at the state Capitol in the hopes of outdoing one another.

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