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Steve Jobs’ vision – and iPad – still running strong

This editorial will appear in tomorrow’s print edition.

Forget Super Tuesday. For many techies, the real news this week was Apple’s announcement of iPad 3. (Officially, there’s no “3.”)

You don’t have to see one to know it’s impressive. The original iPad, launched by Steve Jobs just two years ago, turned the tablet computer into a revolution. Skeptics said the iPad had no discernible purpose: It didn’t do anything a netbook or smart phone couldn’t do already, and didn’t do anything as well as a serious laptop.

But then they materialized – everywhere, on café tables, in airports, on conference room desks – with their owners running their fingertips over their gorgeous color screens, doing things that were obviously cool.

They were emailing, playing games, watching television shows, reading books, updating cloud documents and doing a hundred other things on a thin, flat, elegant device that actually didn’t cost all that much – $499 for the entry level version.

Sure, you could buy various devices that did any one of these things better than the iPad. But the iPad did most lightweight computing jobs pretty darned well – often spectacularly well – and it had the considerable advantage of letting you leave larger and more specialized machines at home.
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