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Tag: Amanda Knox


Italy undoes the travesty that jailed Amanda Knox

This editorial will appear in tomorrow’s print edition.

It took way too long getting there, but the Italian court system finally arrived at justice Monday in the Amanda Knox case.

Knox – a young University of Washington student before this all started – has finally escaped her wrongful murder conviction and the 26-year sentence she received in 2009 after a scandalously corrupt prosecution.

The legal travesty that left her in prison for four years wasn’t an indictment of the Italian criminal justice system as a whole; it was an indictment of a particular court and prosecution team.

The United States also has ruthless prosecutors and obliging juries – not many, let’s hope – and it normally balances those with a presumption of innocence, abundant due process and opportunities for appeals.

Italy lacks the presumption of innocence, but it guarantees an appeal that can expand into a virtual second trial in which the original evidence is thoroughly re-examined.
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