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A tale of two illegal immigrants

Something is wrong, really wrong, with the immigration system when a woman who entered this country admittedly illegally and ignored a judge’s orders to leave the country is getting a second chance to fight for U.S. residency after being deported, yet the adopted child of American parents who spent most of her 37 years here believing she was an American citizen sits in federal immigration lockup on Tacoma’s Tideflats.

I don’t begrudge Ana Reyes the wealthy benefactor who helped win the rare chance to reargue her case. I just don’t understand why she is due more sympathy

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Adoptees shouldn’t have to fight for citizenship

This editorial will appear in Wednesday’s print edition.

Tara Ammons Cohen’s biggest crime isn’t a drug trafficking conviction. It’s being adopted.

The 37-year-old wife and mother wouldn’t be in federal custody awaiting deportation if she were the biological child of Darwin and Jean Ammons. She would likely be back in Omak, having done her prison time for the drug charge.

But because Cohen’s American parents adopted her from Mexico when she was 5 months old – and then relied on faulty legal advice – Cohen could be barred from the United States forever.

Cohen is not a U.S. citizen. She’s not even a permanent legal resident. In 1972, when the Ammonses rescued her from a Mexican orphanage, citizenship didn’t attach at adoption; adoptive parents had to apply for it.

The Ammonses were told differently, and it wasn’t until just a few years ago that Cohen found out she wasn’t a citizen.

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