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Tag: 2012 election


Candidate’s ‘official response’ to TNT editorial board

This time of year, we’re busy inviting candidates to interview with us for the editorial board’s endorsement in the Aug. 7 primary. Most candidates accept, while others decline due to schedule conflicts.

Occasionally we get a candidate who, essentially, tells us where we can stick our endorsement. Here’s a colorful response we received from candidate Stephan Brodhead, a candidate for the 6th Congressional District seat being vacated by Norm Dicks. I don’t see any problem sharing it with blog readers as it is titled “Official Response from Brodhead For Congress.”

Dear Cheryl,

I stand on my resume, lineage to the “Founding fathers”, lineage to epic legislation, decades of diligent military service, worldwide aviator status, environmental stewardship, and demonstrative small business acumen. Read more »


It’s not too early to start focusing on the Aug. 7 primary

This editorial will appear in Wednesday’s print edition.

Campaign season won’t last forever; it’ll just seem that way as election signs sprout like weeds on roadsides and snarky ads start dominating television ad nauseum.

On Nov. 7, we’ll all sigh with relief, even if our favorite candidates lose, simply because it will all be over.

While much of the election season sturm und drang will be generated by the presidential race, voters should start focusing on a host of important state and local offices – including the entire U.S. and state House of Representatives – that also will be on the ballot.
Read more »


Super PACs ratcheting up heat in 2012 campaign

This editorial appears in Friday’s print edition.

Mix unlimited campaign donations with the very weakest pinch of disclosure. Throw into an overheated primary season and what happens?

One need only look at all the attack ads in Iowa and New Hampshire paid for by the so-called super PACs supporting Republican candidates – groups with such names as Restore Our Future (Mitt Romney), Winning Our Future (Newt Gingrich) and the Revolution PAC (Ron Paul). Waiting in the wings: The already well-larded Priorities USA Action super PAC supporting President Barack Obama’s re-election and the prospect of super PACs trying to influence congressional races as well. Read more »