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Category: Snark bites


Stale argument redux

Re Marriage: Purpose is to Nurture Children (letter 1-14). The writer is riding a one-trick pony. That identical letter ran last March. My vehement disagreement then is the same now.

Same sex partnerships in today’s society already play a part in the formation and nurturance of children via adoption, surrogacy, and foster parenting. Who is the writer to suggest that their unions are not suitable for creating a loving family because they are not “natural?”

Couples marry for many reasons. Those in their golden years who marry out of pure love, devotion and companionship. Those who marry in hospice, knowing

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Words matter. But, irony is delicious

Words matter. Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks learned first-hand this week just how much words matter. And, thanks to our bountiful English language with its sea of synonyms and idioms, the rest of us learned a boatload of ways to say, “What goes around, comes around.”

You could say it was kismet or karma or “just desserts.” Or, you could say, the media tycoon and the chief of his British newspaper division got a double-dose of their own medicine. ​​​

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Windstorms? Power outages? Bring it on!

When it hit, I’d just woken from the strangest dream: George W. Bush was on a book tour, I was in the middle of Walmart during a blowout sale, and a lady in a spiffy red blazer was running for president, shrieking “for the greater good!” in an octave only small dogs can hear.

It had been a tough night here in the Pacific Northwest. La Nina had introduced us to winter with 50-mile-an-hour winds and a power outage that turned all the conveniences of life into useless nicknacks.

After years of living on the outer limits of the Capitol

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High bench throws cops a bone

It’s not everyday a police officer is grateful for a ruling handed down from the country’s highest bench. But then, it’s not everyday that the Supreme Court makes a cop’s job easier, whether it’s arresting a thief or prosecuting a drunk driver.


Et tu Floyd?

Landis’ statements may be just one more fluttering attempt to derail the Armstrong juggernaut, but his spot on Armstrong’s team undoubtedly provided him with access to the alleged refrigerator filled with bags of clean blood.


Pleading poverty, passing out mahogany

In the scheme of things, the misspending the state auditor found in the Puget Sound Partnership is petty stuff. There was no fraud, and such waste as there was appears in the order of tens of thousands, not hundreds of thousands of dollars. In government circles, that probably passes for budget dust.

But any sloppiness with money doesn’t reflect well on an agency whose mission, cleaning up Puget Sound, is waaaaay underfunded.

You’d think somebody would anticipate the image problems it would run into when the public learned that it bypassed competitive bidding requirements and spent scarce money

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