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Category: Editorial cartoons


The sports cartoon fading into history

A recent Drew Litton cartoon

Readers who enjoy our Cartoonists Sketchpad on Saturday or the online cartoon slideshow are familiar with sports cartoonist Drew Litton’s work. He’s one of only two remaining cartoonists who focus on sports issues for major daily newspapers, writes The New York Times’ Richard Sandomir in a recent article.

I use Litton a lot in the Saturday sketchpad just because he’s so different from the other cartoonists and because I rarely get to use his work during the week on the editorial pages. And, I’ll confess, it’s a sneaky way to get readers who usually just read the sports pages to take a look at the editorial page, too.

Here’s Sandomir’s article on sports cartoonists. Read more »


Pardon my French, but please keep your “shaming wand” out of my pantaloons

“Au revoir, Mademoiselle.”
“Helloooo, Slut.”

Pardon my French, but that’s not me talking.  That’s me paraphrasing two men from a legion of men talking — some combusting — about women’s issues in recent weeks.

In February, France Prime Minister Francois Fillon declared his government was “no longer interested in the marital status of women” and ordered the removal of all such intrusive classifications– including “mademoiselle”– from official documents.

Hats off to the Frenchman!

Meanwhile, back in the states, talk radio’s Rush Limbaugh went on a three-hour barkfest of streaming trash talk about a young woman who dared to speak

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It’s time to extend rights of marriage to same-sex couples

This editorial will appear in Friday’s print edition.

State lawmakers will have a lot on their plates Monday when they return to Olympia and address the budget shortfall as well as Thursday’s state supreme court ruling on education funding.

But they should also take the opportunity this session to pass landmark legislation proposed by Gov. Chris Gregoire and expand the legal rights of marriage to homosexual couples.

Gregoire is proposing that the Legislature legalize same-sex marriage, which would make Washington the seventh state to allow such unions after Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont. The District of Columbia also allows same-sex marriage.

It is the right thing to do. Read more »


JetBlue de-planer catches cartoonists’ fancy

JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater is enjoying 15 minutes of fame after deplaning in an unconventional manner – down the emergency chute with beer from the beverage cart in hand. He reportedly snapped after a confrontation with passengers, but some on the flight are saying Slater was the instigator.

Whoever’s at fault, Slater has made thousands of Facebook friends, and there’s talk of turning him into a TV reality star.

He also struck a nerve with our political cartoonists, and several of them have pegged recent work on Slater’s news-making slide, including this one by Clay

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Whence the "Blue Dogs"?

Since House "Blue Dog" Democrats might actually save the nation from financial ruin —by nixing or dramatically altering Obamacare and Ecocapitalism—it behooves us to review the historic origins of this august group of conservative Democrats.

Conservative Democrats?

The context of Blue Doggism is complex; please bear with me, for politics makes strange bedfellows.

Before the Civil War, it was Democrats, not Whig/Republicans, who favored states’ right and fiscal conservatism. Moreover, in the decades immediately following the Civil War, both political parties developed "liberal" and "conservative" wings. Today’s Blue Dogs are descendants of Democrat conservatives (on the Republican side, John McCain, for example, descends from progressive Republicans like Teddy Roosevelt, Early Warren, and Nelson Rockefeller).

After the Civil War, Democrats began a century-long effort to cleanse their party of the stain of its pro-slavery origins. In the South, "Redeemer" Democrats reluctantly accepted Emancipation while simultaneously ousting Republican African Americans and white GOP leaders; they "redeemed" the South by enacting Jim Crow segregation laws. Fiscally conservative, militant, and staunchly loyal, the "Solid South" became a key to national Democrat resurgence.

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The Boys From Tacoma

Surely it is okay to talk about the Wailers on a Pacific Northwest editorial website. And I don’t mean "Bob Marley and the Wailers" for crying out loud. I mean THE Wailers, the Boys from Tacoma. In case you haven’t heard, they’ll be co-starring alongside the Ventures (another Tacoma band) at the Moore in Seattle next Friday night.

Many northwesterners who were teeneagers in the 60s have a Wailers story. Mine has to do with the difficulty of picking up KJR (95am) radio in Ellensburg. At night-time it was possible; in your car cruising down

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