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Westboro Baptist: Reptilian and parasitic as ever

Post by Patrick O'Callahan on Feb. 9, 2012 at 2:08 pm with 4 Comments »
February 9, 2012 2:08 pm

I wrote this – half-in-anger, half-in-parody – about a year ago. Seems timely to repost it now that this lovely clan is reportedly coming to Tacoma in hopes of befouling the funeral of the Powell boys.

“Thank God for 4 more dead troops. We are praying for 4,000 more.”
– The Westboro Baptist Church

The First Amendment doesn’t protect only the speech we hate; it also protects speech that bubbles up from the pipes of human septic tanks. We can’t fault the U.S. Supreme Court for upholding the right of Westboro Baptist Church members to spit their venom – from a distance – at military funerals.

The best response to speech is more speech.

This “church” – it’s really an inbred tribe of swamp creatures – specializes in invective and protests designed to outrage its moral superiors, which include most child-fondlers and widow-swindlers.

These self-proclaimed Baptists, who’ve been disowned and condemned by bona fide Baptist churches, are a traveling media circus – no, make that freak show – that feeds on litigation and governmental efforts to shut them down.

So let’s settle for the constitutional remedy of calling Westboro “Baptist” Church what it is and isn’t.

What it isn’t is anything remotely resembling its claimed Christianity, a religion founded on such precepts as “God is love” and “Bless them that curse you.” (Westboro Baptist version: “God Hates Fags” and “Thank God For Dead Soldiers.”)

Its 100-odd members are anything but decent, honest and charitable.

They’d be better described as pig-ignorant jackleg preachers who attach themselves like lampreys to the funerals of heroes and exult in the agony of bereaved mothers and fathers. They’re the misbegotten relatives and toadies of a lying, disbarred lawyer named Fred Phelps who’s figured out how to stretch his 15 minutes of fame into 15 years by inflicting his misshapen conscience on an unwilling nation.

The Westboro Baptist Church is a cage of blaspheming, loathsome, sociopathic, parasitic opportunists who suck their blood from the wounds of grieving human beings. They are ghouls, cowards, hagfish and emotional thugs – pseudo-Christian ranters who peddle religious pornography and malignant cant.

Take away the television cameras and microphones they need, and they would wither like starved fungus. They’d shrink back into their rotting log of a Kansas cult compound, deservedly forgotten.

These foul and scabrous vampires, so full of sanctimony and moral deformity, do have a First Amendment right to vent the stench of what’s decaying inside them. Other Americans have the same First Amendment right to call them exactly what they are: draculoid creatures as despicable as their victims are honorable.

And that’s our take on this particular Supreme Court case.

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  1. Can we persuade every media outlet to publish an incorrect location for the Powell funerals? That may disorient these wackos long enough to get through the event without disruption.

  2. jimkingjr says:

    And yet the media continues to give them the publicity they crave. Shame on the News Tribune for even printing that they are coming here and giving them what they want. Why don’t you just ignore these foul spawn of the Evil One?

  3. To Chuck and Judy Cox & to the members of the Puyallup community and state of Washington: I am a native Kansan and have spent my entire life listening to the hate & venom spewed by Westboro Church. Please know that the entire state of Kansas mourns with you and is as repulsed by this display as you are. Your loss is tragic and the actions of this group of fanatical in-breeders is unacceptable. Please do not let their actions speak for our great state. Line your streets with loud motorcycles along the funeral route. Encircle their protest line with people to shield the family from even having to look at them. Drown out their shouts with even louder shouts of praise and glory to God. Our hearts are with you. In God’s gracious and loving name. Kansas Citizens.

  4. steveb2828 says:

    you know as sad as this article is,we or i hope i can say most of us must realize that since were speaking about the church,or as they call themselves, this group has a job to do also,you see i believe that revelations will come to pass and it does speak of the time when hatred ,evil,and this type of behavior we be all around us,this book also tells us that we need not worry about the two little powell boys,we should be so lucky because they are by no fault of their own with GOD,remember what JESUS said would happen to any who did something to one of his special ones, and these little boys were his, now at a ralley for the GOP there was one of their speakers who is known for raciest views,telling all who would listen that things are bad in this country because there are too many racies,jews are destroying the culture of this country,and so reason for mentioning this is to say that hatred is hatred,wether we say we belong to a like party or not,evil is evil,and like those of that so called church or someone speaking at a ralley,there should be know place for any of this kind of hate

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