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Palin, Pierce Transit and WTF

Post by Cheryl Tucker on Jan. 27, 2011 at 1:54 pm with 18 Comments »
January 27, 2011 1:54 pm

Are Sarah Palin and opponents of Pierce Transit Proposition 1 in cahoots? Well, probably not. But both are using “WTF” to make their points.

According to the Associated Press, Palin noted on her Facebook page that President Obama’s State of the Union address was dubbed “Winning the Future” and suggested that the acronym for that title, WTF, aptly sums up the speech.

Like LOL is an Internet acronym for “laugh out loud,” WTF has been used to ask “What the ….?”

Opponents of the transit ballot measure, which would raise the transit sales tax .3 of a cent, use the WTF acronym on their website and signs that started popping up around the county this week. After Palin’s remark gets wide play, more voters will probably pick up on the double meaning behind the anti-transit signs.

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  1. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    I don’t text so I don’t speak in abbrevations. I get it know and must say the reject #1 folks are clever.

    I hope their message makes an impression with the voters and they send Prop #1 down in flames.

    We need another strong message to County and State officicals. They still don’t get it. Voting down Prop #1 and the PSD Bond will send another message.

    VOTE NO to new taxes.

  2. Somehow you manage to ball up in to one short headline everything that would get me to click on a link. Well done.

  3. gatorkunkle says:

    I for one can afford another 3 cents on my $10 purchase. The tax increase is well worth the benefits!

  4. menopaws says:

    Sarah Palin loves the WTF—-it’s words with more than one syllable that confuse her……..Please watch her tape about Obama and sputnik—I do believe the lady made a fool of herself!!!!!I think we all need to “refudiate” her…….Pierce Transit—vote yes……..You want people off unemployment—give those without a car a chance to commute to work………Really, this is VERY important to the whole community.

  5. I suppose the acronym of the Save Our Buses campaign is pertinent in this context.

  6. When I did a little research and found out how much money they waste at Pierce Transit, WTF is the first thing that came to my mind as well! I’ll vote yes when they stop throwing away the money that we have already given them.

  7. hortonpeak says:

    But then on the other hand they all may be using the same “consultants”. Read Rove, Armey, Americans for Prosperity, not to mention the greatest of all, Luntz. Don’t know who that is – you should.

  8. While the Pierce County Tea Party was waving WTF signs last night on the corner of 112th and Canyon, a Pierce Transit bus honked in support.

    So aparently even the insiders know the score. Taxed Enough Already = TEA, as in tea party, as in LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS!

    The amazing part is how hard it is for gub-mint to get the message the people are sending.

  9. rockrabbit says:

    Oh well, shift happens. I voted yes on Prop. 1 and I hope at least 50.01 of my fellow citizens do as well.

  10. BlaineCGarver says:

    LOL @ Cheryl. IMNOHO, PT shd bk off & mk btr use of thr $$. WTF, indeed.

  11. Concernedfather says:

    Cheryl, you have IBS.
    (Interesting Blog Subjects)

  12. Okay, C/father, keep it classy. :)

  13. nwcolorist says:

    Got to watch out for all those acronyms.

  14. Lavarock says:

    Those who vote no obviously don’t have to rely on the bus system for work or school. I will gladly vote yes and shuck out the extra pennies on purchases.

  15. Sagacious says:


    Last month, one of my blogs was rejected for using “WTF.” Now, apparently, it is the acronym de jour.

    Pierce Transit (PT) does, indeed, offer a valuable community serivce. Their management, however, isn’t quite that valuable, though they think they are.

    And, I would submit, that the problems stem from their oversight commission – check them out at: . . . WTF?

    How many of their management decisions are based on politics instead of good business practices?

  16. TSkidmore says:

    I voted for the Transit Tax but here is the problem the Transit Folks don’t get. I have lived in Tacoma for 30 years – never been on a bus – don’t know what the fare is – the transit folks have never “approached” me in any way to convince me I should ride the bus – I go down Commerce and look at all the “interesting” people waiting for the bus and think – “Do I want to take the bus?”. The crumby looking kids waiting for the bus …..

    I guess what I am saying is most of the taxpayers transit is asking to pay more money for the buses…don’t use the buses and know little about them. A little PR and outreach may get them some more passengers and support. BTW the “pro-transit tax” campaign material was really bad! But like I said – I voted for it….because I am generally pro-mass transit.

  17. crocodopolis says:

    WTF and SOB facing off in a local election about busses?

    Sounds more like some recent presidential elections.

  18. lancer70 says:

    Need I have to remind the WTF folks that it is against the law to take down opposing Save Our Buses signs. I put three up a few days ago at the intersection of 72nd and Pioneer and all three are no longer there. I guess this speaks volumes on the character of these people. WTF is up with WTF supporters! Do you have no shame?

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