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Re-elect Patty Murray to the U.S. Senate

Post by Kim Bradford on Oct. 9, 2010 at 3:03 pm with 21 Comments »
October 22, 2010 5:43 pm

This editorial will appear in Sunday’s print edition.

Dino Rossi is aiming to clear a high hurdle this year, far higher than the ones he missed in his 2004 and 2008 runs for governor.

Challenging an influential, three-term U.S. senator is not the same as vying for the governor’s mansion against a political equal, or even the freshman incumbent.

U.S. Sen. Patty Murray has amassed considerable power and political skill since she was elected to the Senate 18 years ago. Voters don’t send such a forceful advocate packing without very good reason.

That Rossi’s come this close – recent polls put him neck and neck with Murray – is testament to his appeal, strong campaign and the resonance of his fiscally conservative message.

But Rossi fails to make the case that Washington would be better off without Murray.

Murray has made a political career out of defying expectations. She’s grown into a formidable lawmaker who has proven she can both help lead the Democratic Party and work across the aisle when needed. To turn her out now, when she is at the height of her ability to fight for important state, regional and local projects, would be foolish.

We find no reason to do so, despite the criticism this editorial board expressed just two days ago about Murray smearing Rossi with blatant distortions of his public statements.

We don’t excuse her dirty campaigning, which is puzzling given her strong record in office. It’s that record, in spite of her disconcerting attacks, that earned our endorsement.

Murray serves in Senate leadership and chairs the Committee on Appropriations’ transportation subcommittee, a post that puts her in the Senate’s “college of cardinals.” She’s a tenacious champion of Washington state interests. She has secured billions of federal dollars to improve roads and bridges, build transit, clean up Hanford, improve port and border security and shore up the state budget.

Murray is also a dogged supporter of ensuring that troops have the equipment they need and that the nation takes care of its veterans, no small consideration here in the South Sound.

Rossi says he would eschew earmarks, but has not explained how he would otherwise ensure that worthwhile projects get the money due them.

He also faults Murray for not working to rein in federal spending. True, she and the rest of Congress must deal with the deficit, but the nation’s fiscal reckoning is coming whichever party is in charge. This state needs a scrappy defender looking out for it. Murray is that person, and The News Tribune endorses her for re-election.

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  1. entrepreneur says:

    The Progressive Elite TNT editors miss the point. Ameica would be better off without little Patty . You said the same thing in 1980 trying to preseve the fossil Warren G,. Magnusson. I pray the voters ignore you again.

  2. Time to clean house of “ALL” Blood-Sucking Incumbents, starting with the Queen and her Court !!!

  3. tree_guy says:

    I’m sure the Rossi camp is disappointed in your endorsement of Murray.

    But you know what? Local conservatives are going to work just a little harder to overcome this setback.

  4. nokoolaide says:

    The fact that the White House has or will have sent Barack himself, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, and Bill Clinton to prop up Patty Murray, is a testament to what a rubber stamp she is for anything and everything that Barack puts in front of her………………. Dump her!

  5. gerry0416 says:

    So what the Trib is saying is that it doesn’t matter how Patty gets elected, just as long as they get the (liberal) result that they desire. Patty Murray has shown her true colors in this campaign and this independent, middle of the road voter will choose the more ethical option, Dino Rossi.

  6. Dave98373 says:

    The only way that we can make change in American politics is to stop supporting the party that is representing the candidate. I have nothing personal against Patty, but let’s start holding our elected officials accountable. Until we start seeing REAL change, vote everyone out of office that continues to contribute to this gridlock that is hurting America. I am sick of hearing about broken promises and the amount of pork being brought home from D.C. Republican or Democrat, I do not care. Let’s clean out Congress and start fresh!

  7. Momster says:

    The only saving grace about this article is that it’s an “inside opinion”; not an actual “news” article. However, it clearly shows the liberal bent of TNT staff, and that’s why we dropped our subscription last year. Get a clue, TNT: your readership base is shrinking because you insist on trying to “sell” your politics to the public; get back to actual reporting. As Joe Friday would say: All we want are the facts, ma’am.

  8. hortonpeak says:

    Well, I am glad to see the “blood sucking” right wingers weighing in. I was eagerly looking forward to your comments. But, I am presuming that I will not have to see your responses since you are from this moment forward not going to use anything supported by taxpayer subsidies. This includes cheap power to energize your computers, to the roads you drive on, to the police and fire departments, to milk you pour on your cereal – which is also subsidized. You will forgive me if I do not come to your rescue but I am cowering in fear of your ignorant outrage – not. I will enjoy tomorrow. As for you I hope you appreciate the fact that I am paying for part of your day. Of course, this is assuming you choose to leave your bunker – probably built with some sort of government or undocumented worker help. Cheers.

  9. lovethemountains says:

    Dream on, hort.

  10. Objective says:

    This is why there should be term limits on those in congress. I can see how she has contributed to an approximately 21.5% congressional approval rating, among the people of the United States. So, what do we have to lose by getting rid of her? There is not much left for a lot of us to lose anymore, thanks to those like Murray.

  11. SwordofPerseus says:

    Makes me sad reading all of these negative comments about Senator Murray, I realize just how stupid people are. I mean how can anyone with two brain cells think that a Republican will do anything for the working class American. It just floors me, they have said themselves they will continue to ruin the country at the cost of the middle class citizens who built this former great country. I have fought hard to convince people to vote in their own best interests and sadly it seems they completely miss the point. A new low for America. :-(

  12. Votetherock says:

    The coming election with the stunning numbers for Republican Take Over will result in all those wonderful reasons to endorse Murray mute. She will have NO power to earmark anything after this election! She will be surrounded with so many new Republicans her head will spin and all she will be able to do is sit down, shut her mouth and MAYBE learn a thing or 2. She will no longer be in a LEADERSHIP position she WILL BE a MINORITY, therefore no power like in the old days. So if she wins she will be a LAME DUCK Senator and Washington state loses.
    As far as the statement made at the end of the article stating, ” she and the rest of Congress must deal with the deficit,” the Congress has not dealt with anything for the better and now the citizens will have to do their DUTY. AND Patty is NOT the person.

    Read more:

    Read more:

  13. Patty Murray gives a nod an a wink to all things in the Obama Admin….
    I am tired of it and will vote for Rossi.

  14. hortonpeak says:

    And, please tell me what the, “Obama admin …” has done other then pick up the sticking pile of crap left by Bush. Oh let me back up. Bush left nothing. He was a brainless child of the aristocracy manipulated by Cheney, Rove, et. al. Dream on lovethemt.

  15. The difference between Patty Murray and Dino Rossi is that Patty Murray has proven that she will fight for the best benefit of Washington State, and Dino Rossi has proven that he will fight for the best benefit of himself.

    Say goodbye to every single Boeing job if Rossi wins. You can drink the Rossi Kool Aid or you can go see what Rossi has said about Boeing jobs. Did you know that according to Rossi, subsidies in the US are bad but subsidies in Europe are perfectly okay? That’s why Rossi thinks the Air Force should buy European planes instead of American planes.

    Washington doesn’t need paved highways, clean water, military bases, or jobs! Send Congress the message that Washington says NO TO JOBS and VOTE ROSSI.

    Inb4 bunch of unsubstantiated nonsense about Democrats and jobs. When you get laid off next year thanks to a slash-and-burn Republican congress, don’t come crying to us!

  16. FreeAmerica says:

    In a capitalist society all wealth is created by and in the private sector, and that in capitalist societies all government money comes from wealth created by and in the private sector. If Democrats want more money for government then they should vote republican and pray the private sector rebounds.

  17. Objective says:

    Here is a new concept for murray. “Lets see if we can blame it on Bush”. Wow what a bunch of *(&^. The hole is only getting deeper and the pile *&^% getting higher. Murray right there with a shove in hand. I would really be impressed if murray took personal responsibility for her actions, in this case the bad ones and did not try and blame this stuff on Bush.
    We have seen how well she has done, when Northrop got the contract for the Air Force Fuel Tankers. Securing our borders? What has she really done, lets say since Arizona started their attempt at enoforcing illegal immigration. What a joke.
    I don’t care for either candidate, but I would like to say. Washington State we can do a lot better in selecting who represents us. People like murray in office, is why I believe we should have term limits on our represenatives.

  18. FreeAmerica says:

    “I mean how can anyone with two brain cells think that a Republican will do anything for the working class American”

    maybe the “working class American” is looking for more than a 99 weeks of unemployment…. Government spends taxpayer money to provide the 99 weeks…..private sector provides jobs which government can’t.

  19. hortonpeak says:
    October 10, 2010 at 7:02 pm
    And, please tell me what the, “Obama admin …” has done other then pick up the sticking pile of crap left by Bush. Oh let me back up. Bush left nothing. He was a brainless child of the aristocracy manipulated by Cheney, Rove, et. al. Dream on lovethemt.

    Seriously, this is such a tired argument. Think of something else a bit more compelling …. please!!! Obama in the past 19 months has added how much $$$$$ to the deficit? Who do you suppose is going to pay for it?You??? Me???? The rich? My kids and Grandkids and every other kid and Grandkid will …. do the math will ya? And, what exactly did this *stimulus* do??? How exactly was it spent? And, Murray , well she walks right in step in with all things Obama. She’sgotta go — alot of em gotta go …. they are driving the U.S of A right into the ground. I have never ever seen anything quite like this …… pathetic!

  20. omega629 says:

    Washington cant get any worse. My vote goes to Rossi. Time for a change.

  21. On en voudrait surtout plus avec tant d’originalit�.

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