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This isn’t my nightmare. It’s Karl Rove’s.

Post by Judy Hauser on Sep. 18, 2010 at 1:07 am with 7 Comments »
September 18, 2010 9:59 pm

I went to bed Tuesday night, a good, liberal woman — radio tuned to NPR, issues of New Yorkers stacked high on the nightstand, and socialist thoughts of government takeovers lulling me to sleep.

I woke Wednesday morning to my worst nightmare: the cloning of Sarah Palin.

Sometime during the night, “disenfranchised” Tea Party voters rolled out its Beta version of Mama Grizzly 2.0.  No longer was there one shrill pit bull in lipstick yelping “You betchas!” There were now two.

Where was Murphy Brown when you needed her?

Stuck in her own nightmare with Dan Quayle during an election year. Only in America, could a fictional TV character become the real target of a sitting vice president. When single woman Murphy Brown became pregnant and decided to raise the child alone, Dan Quayle spoke out, blaming the 1992 Los Angeles riots on a “poverty of values” that included the acceptance of unwed motherhood, as celebrated in popular culture by the CBS comedy series Murphy Brown.”

The New York Daily news headline responded:QUAYLE TO MURPHY BROWN: YOU TRAMP!” White House Press Secretary Marlin Fitzwater criticized Murphy Brown for “the glorification of life as an unwed mother.” White House phones lit up, and the rest is history.

Awe, the good ol’ days, when fiction, feminism and family values were tossed together like a crazy cake mix. Today’s cake is a Jiffy Mix of fictional feminists claiming gender bias because someone spills the beans about their $150,000 campaign wardrobe or media bias when asked which newspapers they read.

Meanwhile, on the morning after the Delaware primary, suited up in a ‘dressed-for-success” Palin-red blazer, Christine O’Donnell gushed favorite Tea Party vernacular — “we the people,” “for the greater good,” and the ever-populist “restore American values!” It was as if I had landed in the middle of a 4th-grader’s American Revolution presentation at the Dover, Delaware Elks Club.

Where was “liberal media bias” when you needed it?

Evidently, it had traveled to a parallel universe, where it had possessed Karl Rove on Fox News.

It would seem Mr. Rove had woken to a nightmare of his own. His handpicked Republican had lost the Senate primary in Delaware to none other than Sarah Palin’s clone, Christine O’Donnell.

Even GOP-sponsored robocalls — slamming O’Donnell as a fraud, who lived off campaign donations — couldn’t save Karl’s man from the pit bull charms now owned by the Tea Party.

Rove told a squirmy Sean Hannity:

“I wasn’t frankly impressed by [O'Donnell's] abilities as a candidate. What she’ll have to answer in the General election is her own checkered background.”

A sputtering Hannity choked out, ” seems to be a schism here, (gasp) there seems to be a divide.”

(A divide? On Fox News? I really wasn’t in Kansas anymore.)

Rove continued, now shouting.

“Why did she mislead voters about her college education! How does she make a living?

” … ask her about the people following her home [from] her headquarters & how she checks each night in the bushes? … a lot of nutty things that she’s been saying.”

Suddenly, I realized it wasn’t my nightmare I’d woken up in. It was Karl Rove’s and the Republican Party’s.

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  1. auwing1978 says:


  2. Excellent observations!

  3. pen_mightier_than_sword says:

    Here’s the problem: “moderate” conservatives simply cannot get their heads around this simple fact: most of their “economic ideas” are actually as bats-belfry crazy as these wingnuts’ opinions. By absorbing a host of unbelievable, unsupportable positions, “conservatives” open their party up to loony toon no-nothings.

    Here’s how it works:
    If you believe (without need of proof) that:
    1.Government should borrow the same way families do, even if it means “someone” will starve or suffer and die.
    2.Lowering taxes on wealthy people will result in poor people getting jobs
    3.Despite 43 million Americans not having the ablitiy to see a doctor, you think that Americans have more of a “choice” about health care then people in England.
    4.The last war, in Iraq, made sense.
    5.Trickle down economics is an “economic theory,” (as opposed to what it is, a bunch of ad rhetoric).
    6.Making Abortion illegal will end abortion.
    7.Jesus was born of a virgin birth.
    8.Jesus walked on water.
    9.Jesus turned water into wine.
    10.Dick Cheney is an honest man who distinguished his office.

    So, if you believe all that, then what the heck do you expect as candidates? Who else but loon ball a-scientfic or unscientific crackpots can you expect to support a party whose motto is: “Don’t trust big Government, but…don’t question the CIA and the Military.” I mean, c’mon. Couple that with 911, Birthers, etc. etc., and you get an odious compendium of hard to associate with insanos, all of whom demand loyalty to the federal govenment while advocating for Texan succession. It would be a joke if it wasn’t such a serious time in history, when actual enemies, like the Chinese, are barking at the door, and we need all the scientists and actually reasonable people as we can get.

  4. eplurbusunum says:

    It’s funny, but sad, to read posts from people who believe that they are really smart and compassionate but demonstrate that they don’t understand very well how the world works. I’m not going to bore everyone by addressing 10 silly points, but would summarize the Delaware situation like this:

    – The majority of Republicans are not enthusiastic to have a poorly qualified candidate with ethical problems representing their party in a general election. That’s a big difference between Republicans and Democrats.

    – Given the choice, I hope most Delaware citizens will vote for a poorly qualified person who would vote to support conservative principles instead of electing someone whose self-described political allegiance includes the term “bearded Marxist”. We fought the Cold War for 45 years to push back against the Communists around the world – we don’t need to start electing folks with Marxists philosophies here in America. And yes, I served during the Cold War.

    – Rove knows politics and knows how elections work. He is right to question the viability of O’Donnell as a candidate. But, now that Delaware Republicans have spoken, she is their candidate. And even Rove recognizes that O’Donnell would be better for America than Coons. Perhaps this is a nightmare, but not for Rove – he isn’t working on this lady’s campaign, he’s just commenting on it.

    – Liberals make politics their religion. So they tend to project things onto others because they believe everyone else shares their world view. Rove probably laughs about commentaries like this opinion piece as he heads to the bank, cashing checks for being a TV and print commentator. I think he sleeps well and has no “nightmares” about something happening in Delaware.

  5. pen_mightier_than_sword says:

    Obama is not a socialist nor Marxist. Just ask conservative writer Michelle Malkin:

    Goldman Sachs is the most successful capitalist machine the world has ever seen.

  6. Zillahboy says:

    Stand by Judy. Your worst possible nightmare is going to occur on the evening of November 2nd when you watch the electon returns coming in from around the country.
    You may not believe it but a lot of Americans are growing tired of hearing the hateful rhetoric you and your ilk continue to spew.
    All of us loons, nutcases, wingnuts as we are always called if we don’t agree with your opinions are going to take the elections by storm.
    That should make you happy in one sense. It will give you a whole new batch of fresh faces to hate.
    Happy dreams.

  7. Whatever1214 says:

    Judy we all need to get behind qualified candidates for the senate. Send $20 and I will get you an Alvin Green for Senate tee shirt.

    What could be better than an African-American veteran from a working class background in the Senate.

    Only racists would not support this fine working class Democrat.

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