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Republican vs. Republican in the 25th District

Post by Patrick O'Callahan on Sep. 13, 2010 at 1:54 pm with 22 Comments »
September 13, 2010 1:54 pm

Steve Vermillion, an unsuccessful Republican candidate for the House in the 25th district, is breaking the GOP’s 11th commandment – “Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican.” In this (condensed) email missive, he tells us why he’s endorsing the Democratic incumbent, Dawn Morrell, instead of the Republican who beat him in the August primary, Hans Zeiger:

In hopes that a “mystery box” of missing ballots would appear with sufficient votes to move me into second place, my hopes were extinguished with my wife’s reminder that we lived in Pierce not King County and the likelihood of missing votes appearing was slim to none.

Zeiger asked for my endorsement, which I declined to give him. Early on, I told the folks in the Pierce County GOP that I had no intention of supporting him should be win in the primary as I do not think he is remotely qualified to be in the Legislature.

I have been asked to at least remain neutral, which were my plans until Zeiger recently moved into his cover-up mode by working to delete many of his controversial writings. I expect that he is working on his “dishonorable” scout badge for the next level of his scouting adventures.

My plans are now to endorse Dawn Morrell for Position 2. I’ve known Dawn for several years – she is the only legislator that has served our district that is willing to respond to email questions. I’ve disagreed with some of her votes but I am sure she would have disagreed with some of mine if the situation had been reversed.

I’ve studied Zeiger’s writings from 2003 to 2009. Whether I agree or disagree with his position is a moot point. I take deep umbrage with his selection of verbiage and his focus on judging people versus being inclusive of others. The problems with his writings are they are either reflective of the “Zeiger Values” he campaigns on taking to the legislature or formulated via his political courses and religious studies at Hillsdale College.

Had I not read his writings, I wouldn’t have known that, being a Baptist, I was praying to a pagan god all these years. No wonder I haven’t won the lottery yet.


Steve Vermillion

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  1. LaborGoon says:

    Yet our supposedly moderate Attorney General Rob McKenna is listed as an endorser on Hans Zeiger’s website.

    Mr. McKenna has been asked to confirm or deny this — see — but so far has yet to respond.

  2. That’ll leave a mark.

  3. ValleyTarts says:

    I too am a Republican (who voted for Mr Vermillion) who will be casting my ballot for Mrs Morrell. Zeiger neither has the qualifications nor the experience (he has never held a real job) to represent my interests in Olympia.
    While it pains me to vote Democrat , in this case, Mr Zeiger is typifies everything that is wrong with silver-spoon kid candidates.

  4. andreainnes says:

    As an officer of the Pierce County Republican Party, I can confirm Mr. Vermillion’s statement that “Early on, I told the folks in the Pierce County GOP that I had no intention of supporting him (Hans) should he win in the primary…”.
    It is also true that Mr. Vermillion told us in April “at this point in time, it is my intention to file as an Independent in June in lieu of a Republican”. But of course Washington has a top-two primary, so two days later he
    announced he was running, after all, as a Repubican against Rep. Dawn Morrell (D). His announcement stated, “The State Legislature has replaced the people’s voice with that of special interest groups resulting in Washington State facing record deficits, increasing taxes, growing unemployment, failing businesses, high foreclosure rates and financially challenged schools.” Funny, that’s exactly why Hans Zeiger is running and why 60 percent of the voters in the 25th District rejected Dawn Morrell in the primary. And it’s why Hans Zeiger, as the Repubican candidate chosen by voters, will defeat Morrell in November. As a member of the Democrat leadership in Olympia, Morrell shares the blame with other tax-and-spend legislative liberals for leading this state to the edge of the financial precipice — and who did not have the courage to make tough budget choices in their last session but now will moan and whine and over across-the-board cuts just announced by THEIR governor.
    Hans Zeiger has the courage, the intellect and the political maturity to make tough choices, and he will do so as the next Representative from the 25th District. As a Puyallup resident, I am proud to be able to vote for him and proud that he is our Republican candidate.
    A final note — Mr. Vermillion’s assertion that Dawn “is the only legislator that has served our district that is willing to respond to email questions” is an insult to our extraordinary first-term Representative Bruce Dammeier (R) and his predecessor Rep. Joyce McDonald (R), who both have exemplary records of communicating with their constituents.
    Andrea Innes, State Committeewoman, Pierce County Republican Party

  5. SteveVermillion says:

    I don’t plan on feuding with Andrea here but to clarify a couple of points for the readers. The “whole” of the email to the editors was to serve as a thank you for their support and wonderful endorsement. They responded and asked if they could post it on their web site. I don’t have an issue. The intended endorsement is being prepared as a submission for an article “Other View” or potentially as a News Release. It will be very detailed in the specifics of why I opted to endorse Dawn Morrell. I had fully intended to remain neutral until Hans attempted to pull his hate filled articles from various webpages. In further research he is still writing articles for the American Civil Rights Union specifically denigrating gays and non-believers in scouting. He certainly has his right to his own opinion but I cannot and will not support a potential legislator who promotes discrimination. To do so means that you accept his ideology as is quality sought in our legislature. If Hans had the courage to man up to his writings, he would have left them on the website and dealt with it as it surface. He chose a cover up process which is a trait I disdain in legislators. Every one gets a vote–vote as you choose. I’ll will default to integrity. And the final point, is the comments on ‘responding to email questions’ pertains only to Position 2 candidates–although Joyce never responded to my questions.

  6. feduptohere says:

    Did Steve Vermillion get any votes? Since when is it a requirement to have prior gov’t experience to run for office. That’s the trouble with Olympia and D.C. for that matter. We’re represented by way too many career politicians who profess to be working for us. There not. Silver-Spoon kid candidates? Our wonderful Congress is made up of these types…Nancy Pelosi, J. Rockefeller, the list goes on and on. If Stevie V. is happy with how the current leadership in Olympia has given us the ole’ shaftola, good for him. Many of us aren’t. That’s what primaries and generals are for!!!

  7. I encourage everyone to track down and read Mr. Zeiger’s articles at WorldNetDaily; pretty inflammatory stuff. What’s most disturbing is his attempt to have them scrubbed from the website.

  8. nclamkfn says:

    Mr. Vermillion wrote, “The problems with [Mr. Zeiger's] writings are they are…reflective of the ‘Zeiger Values’.”

    Like Steve Vermillion has known Dawn Morrell for several years, I have known Hans Zeiger for several years. And I, for one, am proud to support Hans as he strives to uphold these values in our community and government.

  9. Is it true, like Zeiger has written, that buying girl scout cookies supports more abortions?

  10. gauntlet says:

    nclamkfn, which of the “values” put forth in Hans’s writings are you hoping he upholds exactly? The one where we ostracize Girl Scouts because they’re apparently pro-abortion militant lesbians? The one where we revile Baptists, Unitarians, Jews, and Muslims for following “false gods”? Or the one where we dissolve public education because it is “corrupt and incompatible with the preservation of a free society”?

  11. bobneilson says:

    Representative Morrell spends too much, raises taxes to cover her recklessness, budgets carelessly and resists special sessions to avoid accountability and making tough decisions. Who needs that kind of experience? Change our political culture by voting for Hans Zeiger.

  12. chriswassman says:

    Vermillion is advocating for Dawn Morrell who has voted to raise taxes, continue spending, and continue driving Washington into greater debt. If Vermillion was concerned with Republican values and fiscal responsibility, it is impossible to believe that Morrell is the best candidate based on her record. Knowing Hans Zeiger I can say that he is a very honorable individual; people’s viewpoints on the world change from high school and college into adulthood. We need to get our state back on course, through strong schools, strong communities, and creating jobs — and I believe that Hans Zeiger is the best candidate to do that.

  13. geeterpontiac says:

    Steve Vermillion?

    He should be called “Knife in the back Vermillion”.

    But, he paints himself as a “Nobler than thou” sort.

    What a joke of a person.

    Just a poor loser taking shots.

  14. colsprague says:

    If my core values had changed that dramatically in 5 years, I’d probably think it best to wait a while before seeking elective office — let things settle a bit.

    Let’s see, a legislator who voted to raise taxes or a young man with no real life experience who espouses hatred for people who believe differently. What’s worse? Would you vote for a skinhead if he wouldn’t raise taxes?

  15. ValleyTarts says:

    Deja Vu in Puyallup. For those who were here 20 years ago, Zeiger is the reincarnation of Randy Tate. Randy went through the ranks via the 25th District and later to Washington DC for what is now Adam Smith’s seat. Randy was seen as a right wing nut and was booted out.
    Zeiger is trying the same career path. However, Zeiger makes Randy look like a centrist and has a paper trail of his beliefs. He also at this stage has a much larger war chest.
    We should learn that taking bold risks in elections is not a wise move. Obama 2008 is a great example.

  16. geeterpontiac says:

    “a young man with no real life experience”


    Remember Calvin Goings? He was barely out of diapers and he was appointed to fill Marc Gaspards State Senate seat when Marc retired early.

    Talk about a joke!

    He was barely old enough to vote.

    So, Dems own the inexperience contest hands down. :)

  17. blakeshouse says:

    Another RINO with a mouth full of sour grapes

  18. ValleyTarts says:

    Tried to do a little checking on Zeiger’s campaign funding database. Did not find anything unusual. But !, I also checked Bruce Danmeir’s (the other 25th race). That had some very strange entries that I have never seen a candidate claim before. Just last month he paid himself $40K (for nothing in particular). Also, he regularly pays his campaign manager a nice sum each month . Very odd !

  19. puyallupdoc says:

    Zeiger’s supporters claim he is honorable, mature, and will fight for jobs but where is their concrete evidence? Zeiger himself does not and has never had a job. He used to claim “writer” but now that he’s distancing himself from his writings, he can’t even use that anymore.

    And where is this maturity and honor? I’ve heard people argue that he is an Eagle Scout and therefore a stand-up guy. But he was also an Eagle Scout when he wrote all his articles condemning Girl Scouts, public schools, and other religions and he certainly wasn’t mature or honorable at those moments (or friendly, courteous, kind, cheerful, or any of the other Boy Scout qualities he claims to adhere to). And surely someone with so much virtue could’ve handled the “article controversy” with a little more class. Deleting the evidence and blaming your actions on others (Limbaugh and other talk radio hosts) is NOT the mark of a mature individual.

  20. xenobion says:

    Blind faith for Zieger. I’m a Christian but I can only expect so much truth from someone that says something on paper and convinces the masses with values that are completely different.

    I hear a lot of Zieger is a nice guy stuff and I know him personally, but a lot of people know Dawn Morell too and she’d done a pretty fine job as a part time nurse part time legislator.

    Stop this one before it turns bad. The 25th doesn’t need a hatemonger representing them. Zieger’s values are so not mainstream that I’m afraid of the legislation he’d sponsor.

  21. richinthelord says:

    I have watched Hans’ career since he was in high school, although I only met him this year. His proud grandfather, my neighbor after whom Zeiger Elementary School was named, has funneled the news to me about his books, education at Hillsdale College, and his impact as a rising young star over the American pliitical landscape. His reputation has grown so fast, for a 25-year-old, that I discovered a magazine article about him that even his grandfather had not seen. Someone who becomes so prominent and then offers himself as a candidate to serve his friends and neighbors in the state legislature exposes himself to criticism—in this case even before he is elected. It is the sacrifice Hans has chosen to make for his country. Before this News Tribune article, I had heard personal criticisms of him from a Democrat to whom I am related, things about Hans that are patently untrue. When I told Hans about it, he did not display any rancor, but went to the person to correct the facts. Hans has a superb record for his young years, in this economy. He has held ‘real’ jobs with public policy institutes in addidtion to his work as an author. He is intimately acquainted with the American and Washington State constitutions and is eminently qualified to serve the 25th District as one of its citizen legislators. After all, isn’t he just the kind of new face we are looking for, well educated in the arts of democracy, passionate about ruling with the consent of the governed and ready to begin righting the wrongs in Olympia that we the people have suffered?

  22. VikingSpirit says:

    I’ve known the Zeigers for many years. Ed Zeiger is an amazing man and a legend in this community. Walt (Hans’s father) and Joe (Hans’s brother) are two of the most down-to-earth people you will ever meet. Hans is not an Ed or a Walt or a Joe. Not by a long shot.

    I’ve heard Hans’ supporters describe him as honorable, mature, and quiet-mannered. They must be talking about a different Hans because that certainly doesn’t describe the guy I grew up with. That Hans was loud, arrogant, and always ready to tell you why you’re going to hell. He also loved to repeat what he heard on talk radio. I remember him getting in trouble in elementary school for talking about sex and abortion. I also remember him losing the senior class presidency at PHS because kids were tired of hearing his holier-than-thou lectures. He was and is the most judgemental, sanctimonious person I’ve ever known.

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